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Cardinal Carter student’s poster design
wins Ontario Speaker’s Choice Award


Poster design

The Ontario Legislature runs an annual Youth Arts poster contest. This year’s contest theme was: What do you Love about Ontario?”. Gr 11.  Student, Madalina Raduta, competed in the poster contest and her design was selected as the winning design for the Ontario Speaker’s Choice Award.


The top 10 posters from the contest will be printed on vinyl banners that will be prominently displayed on the south grounds of Ontario's Legislative Building, Queen’s Park in Toronto from mid-January until mid-December 2017.


This how Madalina describes her poster:

“The theme was What do you love about Ontario? In my poster, I focused on how people in Ontario are like one big family, everyone being included and being treated equally. I drew a small child looking up at a drawing on the back of a loon of a group of people embracing. In my drawing, I tried to incorporate different symbols of Ontario, like the Common Loon, the Eastern white pine, and the white trillium. I was also inspired by Indian Group of Seven artists Daphne Odjig and Norval Morrisseau in the way I drew the loon and people embracing. My drawing was picked to be one of the ten designs that they will display on banners outside Ontario's Legislative Building from mid-January to mid-December 2017.”


The Cardinal Carter community extends their appreciation and congratulations to Madalina. For more information on the contest, visit the What do you love about Ontario? website.