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Happy Easter – Sharing Good News 



Dear Parents,


The Cardinal Carter Community would like to wish you and your family many Easter Blessings for Joy and Peace as we celebrate the most important days of the core beliefs that we share together as a Faith community. HAPPY EASTER!!


As you know, our Board is celebrating the year of the Parish and many schools have initiated activities  to reconnect with their local  Parish. Recently, our school supported  the fundraising efforts of St. Edward’s  ShareLife campaign by having a Civvies day.  


In  addition, many of our students also participated in a Sandwich Patrol – where they prepared s and delivered sandwiches to those in need. We had great support form Fr. Pat at St. Edwards with this activity. A few participants documented this experience and have posted the following video on You Tube:


Another exciting project that some of  our Visual Artists are working  on is the #onthisrock project.  In the continuing education of the Truth and Reconciliation  initiatives and in honour of Canada’s 150th, they wanted to create  a community building Art  Installation that represented every part of Canada with a special homage to our Indigenous peoples. The plan is to build a large house monument to be covered by pebbles from all parts on Canada and arranged in important symbolic mosaics.  So, please reach out to your friends and families across Canada  and ask them to send us a few pebbles- just mail them to our school address to the Attention of Ms Pagano. This project was highlighted by CITY-TV, and they were so captivated by it that they created  the hashtag above ( #onthisrock) and a link to the story on their website  where people could upload a very short video in support of this project. Also join and share the Facebook page ON THIS ROCK.  Please  view the link below…and PLEASE help us get pebbles from across the nation !!! Artists from other provinces and territories are encouraged to decorate the stone they send us !

Ask them to mail them to us by the end of  April…. THANK YOU!!