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Toronto Catholic District School Board

ON this Rock


ON THIS ROCK – Student project
CCAA on City Pulse News!


Carter Artists were interviewed by City TV for the project "On This Rock"! The concept, developed by Aurora Pagano, is to help create bridges between the artist  with First Nations students across Canada through a collaborative art installation. With the assistance of grade 10 students Janelle and Janine Lee, a 'Speak Up' grant was secured for the project. The installation and exhibit asks First Nations schools to submit writings, sound scapes and art works which will be displayed and  used as inspiration for Carter artist's creations. The exchange of information and the research required will bring phenomenal learning opportunities for the Carter community.The exhibit is scheduled for the first week of June and will be housed in the Catholic Education Centre atrium (a fitting site for Reconciliation and Healing).


The centre piece for the exhibit will be a tall free-standing house sculpture, covered in a mosaic of stones which are collected from all regions of Canada. The house will serve as a symbol of solidarity for all Aboriginal people and for all immigrants who have worked to build Canada and who have​ made their home, 'On This Rock'.
Through letters, emails and social media, the project has a received a number of communities confirm their interest and participation. With the help of City TV,  the grade 10 and grade 11 project leaders were interviewed and their invitation for call to participate aired Tuesday April 4. We believe this exposure will help us reach out and secure many more particpants.
We encourage everyone in our own Carter community and beyond who has connections to family or associates living in other provinces and territories to  consider contacting them for this nation wide project. Simply ask them to collect a few stones, pebbles, or minerals from their region and send them to us at Carter:
Care of   A.Pagano / On This Rock.
36 Greenfield Ave.

Toronto, ON

M2N 3C8
For more information, please contact:
Please note - Rock donations, photo or blurb about where it came from, due by May 5th.
Help us build 'our home'!