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School History And Tradition
Cardinal Léger Catholic School was established in SeptemberCardinal Leger 1988 at St. Malachy Catholic School, with which it shared facilities for its initial year. The new building was completed in 1989 and our excited school community took possession in September, 1989. Enrollment grew from 400 its first year to its current numbers.
The new building is a unique design, having a large atrium as a centre for the school. A child care centre is a vital part of the building and it provides a much needed day care for children in the community.
The school is named after Paul-Emile Cardinal Léger of Montreal. His life served as a great role model for our students. He lead a life of service to others, particularly in his profession as teacher, priest, servant for the poor and missionary. He was a great Canadian whose life work was to educate, to help those in poverty and those physically disabled by disease and to bring people closer to God. For all these reasons Paul-Emile Cardinal Léger remains an excellent role model for us as Catholics and Canadian citizens in a multicultural society.
The school has close ties to our parish, St. Joseph's of Highland Creek. The parish is staffed by Irish Spiritan fathers and represents a wide diversity of ethnic backgrounds in our community.
Cardinal Léger School strives, within the Toronto Catholic District Separate School Board community to develop its students spiritually, academically, athletically and aesthetically. The staff work closely with parents, priests and students to achieve these goals.