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CTV Local News at Noon Comes to Cardinal Leger Catholic School
On Tuesday, May 8, CTV Local News broadcast live from Cardinal Leger Catholic School. The T.V. station was represented by on-air weather and roving reporter Anwar Knight who reported from the school’s atrium, a classroom and outside in the school yard. The main reason for the visit was the school’s ‘flash mob’ which saw all the students from grades one to eight (about 360) dance to a popular contemporary song. The students had been practising the dance moves to the song in their classrooms as part of the school’s D.P.A. Taking it outside as a school community was an event that could be described as a ‘must see.’ Also shown on the news broadcast was a class singing an environmental song and some students reading from an original story they had composed. The event proved to be an exciting and highly memorable day for all members of the Cardinal Leger Catholic school community.