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Cardinal Leger – I AM TERRY FOX
The Cardinal Leger Annual Terry Fox Run has taken place for over 21 years. It is our annual school event to kick off the year. It fosters a sense of Christian community, caring, compassion, and remembrance of friends and family who have battled cancer. It is a time for our school community involving students, teachers, support staff, parent volunteers, and friends and family to come together for a meaningful school activity. We take the last Friday afternoon of September to celebrate the life of Terry Fox as a community and to give selflessly to help others in the same way he did. Our celebration is an example of Catholicity in Action. Jesus is our guide and Terry Fox’s story is our story. To date, Cardinal Leger School has raised over $464,500 for the Terry Fox Foundation. Miracles still happen – we just have to take the time to see with our eyes and hearts
 “We are truly proud of what our students, staff and parents have been able to accomplish for over 20 years here at Cardinal Leger. Under the leadership of Cathy Nealon, a teacher here at the school, the Cardinal Leger family continues to give and be witnesses to this great cause,” says Principal Michael Samler.
Mr. Samler continues, “Terry’s legacy is an incredible one. He is an authentic, true Canadian hero and a wonderful role model not only for our students, but for our staff and parents too.  That is why we’ve called the Terry Fox Run, I AM TERRY FOX. 
Our understanding and philosophy of education is inseparable from our understanding of the very nature of our school system based on our Catholic beliefs and traditions.  Thus, we infuse ourselves with the Gospel message and spirit. This Christ centered philosophy permeates through all of our interactions with students and parents as we grow and serve others. Driven by Gospel values, the staff and students of Cardinal Léger School continue to advocate and work toward maintaining a healthy and engaging atmosphere that promotes mutual respect and concern for the welfare of others.
I understand that it is faith that is at the core of our system.  It is fitting that the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s next three year pastoral plan “Faith, Hope, and Charity” begins with Faith! Terry fox Exemplary.JPG