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Cardinal Leger and Catholic Education Week at Scarborough Town Centre

Cardinal Lager Catholic School in Scarborough helped kick-off Catholic Education Week by presenting two exciting performances at the Scarborough Town Centre. The school's Step Dance group, a dance group that practises throughout the school year, put on a performance that captured the interest of all the audeince. The group is led by teacher Ms. T. Ferreira and dances to the beat of their own clapping and thumping of the floor. A second group was Mr. Stamcoff's grade six class who danced to two popular contemporary songs. Led by teacher-candidate, Ms. A. Burdi, an accomplished dancer in her own right, the students moved and swayed to the beat of the songs and were a delight to watch. These activities were part of the annual presentation at a Scarborough shopping mall of local Catholic School's activities that celebrate Catholic Education. This year's location was at the Scarborough Town Centre and was enjoyed by many of the participants and shoppers alike.