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About Us

How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

School PhotoThe ultimate aim which gives direction to Catholic secondary education is to provide those directions which make possible the maximum development of each young person as a being of unique worth and supernatural destiny. This involves the total development of the human person--religious, intellectual, cultural, emotional, social, physical and ethical.

At Chaminade we foster the concept of the community and the Christian family. We celebrate our multiculturalism, our common membership in the human family and speak of the brotherhood among our students and graduates.

The theme of mutual respect and responsibility for the school and what happens within the building and on the grounds, is stated as the responsibility of all in our community. This theme is repeated in our assemblies, our community liturgies, our program, our school handbook and in our philosophy of participation and ownership.

The co-curricular program from clubs to athletics is based on allowing our students the opportunity to participate and to establish ownership.

Students at Chaminade have to follow either art or music in year one and are allowed to add the second discipline in year two if they wish to do so. Students are encouraged to take music and art throughout high school and can follow both if they wish to do so.

Our school senior concert band is second to none in both numbers and quality, and last summer toured Europe. The Senior Art Show at the Columbus Centre each year is a community highlight.

From debating to yearbook and Reach for the Top teams, we offer a wide range of opportunities for participation in addition to the arts and athletics.

In athletics we offer teams in all areas of TDCAA athletics, from wrestling, soccer, hockey, football, rugby, track and field to volleyball, basketball, baseball etc. In addition to these there is a full intramural athletic program for year one classes. At Chaminade we feel that we run an athletic program that is second to none in the Toronto Catholic District School Board in terms of participation and inclusiveness.

In our programming for year one classes, we have matched our English classes with parallel classes in computer technology which emphasizes the necessary computer skills for the nineties and supports language development. 

All boys in year two take a second compulsory course in computer programming. These two courses are complemented by our senior course and other courses taught in our school. With close to 200 instructional computers in action every period in the school, we feel that we are the envy of most schools.

Our emphasis on the new technology of the computer starts in year one in our computer technology course and it is integrated with the year one English program. The integration is promoted through all aspects of the school program, with our aim being to produce a truly computer literate graduate.