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School History And Tradition

Chaminade College School was founded in 1964 by the Archdiocese of Toronto as a private boys' high school to serve the growing northwest region of the city. The school opened in September 1965 under the direction of the Society of Mary, the Marinists, and bears the name of the order's founded, Father William Joseph Chaminade.

The mandate of the school was to prepare young men for post-secondary education in a traditional Catholic secondary school environment. The school's motto “Fortes in fide” emphasizes the importance of the virtue of faith in the life of the Catholic school.
In 1967 Chaminade, along with 13 other Catholic high schools, entered into a partnership with the Board. The Board operated the first two years of secondary school and the Archdiocese ran the remainder. From September 1972 to June 1988 the school was administered by the Irish Christian Brothers. After completion of the system in 1984 the Brothers administered the school until June 1987 and withdrew in June 1988. Now the school is administered and operated by the Board.
Chaminade is proud of its academic tradition and service to the Catholic community of North York. The school has witnessed the growth of this great city as well as the transition from private to publicly supported Catholic secondary education.
Legend of the Gryphon
Gryphon Logo
The Gryphon is a fabulous mythological creature endowed with the fierce body of a lion, the majestic head and wings of an eagle, and a powerful back clothed in feathers. The Gryphon has become Chaminade's mascot because it symbolizes the union between strength, courage, and vigilance, keeps plunders at a distance and punishes those driven by human greed.
The School Crest
School Logo
The crest is the pictorial essay of our raison d'etre. "Fortes in Fide" is our school motto, "strong in faith." We must have a deep faith in our Church and in our country. The Church is symbolized by the Archdiocesan coat of arms (top left section in the crest). Our civil authority is represented by the Maple Leaf which encourages us to become loyal, cultured, intelligent citizens of Canada (top right section in crest). MA represents the first to letters of Mary who is the special patron of the Christian Brothers and the Marianists who opened and first staffed the school. Lilies roses represent the virtues of innocence and charity that we should preserve in our hearts. The total is tied by the cross, which represents Christ in whom we breathe, move, live, from whom comes all things and who is our one and last end.