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Environmental Club


GOLD!!!!!  ecoschools GOLD 12.jpg

Once again, through the efforts of the Environmental Club and Eco-School team, Chaminade has, for the 3rd year in a row, attained provincial recognition as a “GOLD-level, Eco-school.”   

In recognition of their hard work and dedication the Club was also notified that the hatchery would receive a “face-lift” and $35, 000 in funding towards the installation of solar panels.  

The Club hosted its 13th Annual Duck Race and 11th Annual Fish Stocking Day where Brown trout, raised in our own fish hatchery, were released into Black Creek.  


Start of Duck Race (above)


The Club also hosted its 3rd Annual “Eco-Raffle” where staff, students & community were encouraged to recycle non-traditional materials including paint cans, compact fluorescent light bulbs (CFL’s), cell phones, printer / toner cartridges and batteries along with the traditional glass, plastic and paper.  


Eco-Raffle collections (above)

Furthermore, the Club continues to sponsor progressive eco-friendly programs including the rehabilitation of Black Creek through erosion control, riparian reforestation and garbage control programs. 


Black Creek garbage clean-up (above)






Black Creek Erosion work (above)

Future goals include the addition of a rain barrel, wind turbine and a “green roof” to the hatchery, the construction of a walking trail along Black Creek, and the expansion of both the recycling and composting programs.  

Of course, the Club will continue to raise and release both Atlantic salmon and Brown trout into Black Creek, Humber and Credit Rivers.   

Atlantic Salmon hatchery (above)


Many thanks to all those who have made this year a memorable one - looking forward to '12/'13.