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Congratulations to:
  • Daniel Da Eira, awarded the YUPA, York University Portuguese Association Award.  He will receive his bursary on June 15th, 2013.
  • Joan Romero, graduating student at Chaminade, who has been awarded a Schulich Leader Scholarship for the University of Toronto valued at $60,000.
    Joan's nomination for the scholarship stated that: Joan Miguel Romero is an outstanding candidate for the Schulich Leader Scholarship and Chaminade College School is very pleased to endorse his application. Throughout his years at Chaminade College, Joan has attained excellent results in all subject areas and has achieved honour roll status, placing him among the top of his class each year. Joan possesses excellent leadership, communication and interpersonal skills.  He is extremely responsible, hard-working, dedicated, self-motivated and continually displays great energy and enthusiasm in all his undertakings.  He works collaboratively with others, is a true team player and is highly respected by his peers and teachers.  He has been and is currently involved in developing, planning, co-ordinating and implementing various school-wide initiatives as well as community-service based activities as outlined in his application. Joan is an extremely positive role model and fine mentor who seeks to enrich not only his learning experience but also that of peers.  His enduring willingness to strive even higher makes him a most worthy candidate for the Schulich Leader Scholarship.  It is our pleasure and privilege to be working with Joan Miguel Romero at Chaminade College School. --Gina Mancini, Chaminade College School
    Guidance Dept. Head