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Chaminade Football Players
Sign with Universities


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Chaminade College School takes great pride in the many accomplished students who excel in athletics.


On Wednesday, April 6th the school hosted a signing day to celebrate several student athletes who signed with various post-secondary institutions.
Among the celebrated athletes are:
  • Steven Longo – signed to York University 
  • Nicholas Decesare – signed to York University
  • Tyree Dunn - Mount Allison University
  • Gabriel Pallotto - University of Waterloo
  • Esson Hamilton - Wilfrid Laurier
  • Henrique Custodio - UBC
  • Daekwon Blair - The Hotchkiss Academy - USA
Coaches from Waterloo and York University were on hand for the celebration with family, friends, staff and the members of the junior and senior football teams.


Congratulations to all the students. We wish them continued success in their studies as well as their athletic endeavours.