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Chaminade Students Address “Screen Addiction”


“Screen Addiction” is an issue that the students at Chaminade have researched and they have developed a workshop for Grade 3 students to learn about the effects of overexposure to technological screens and to empower them with strategies to limit screen time.   They visited local elementary schools recently to help these young students develop responsible use of technological devices.  Their interactive presentation challenged students about their knowledge and the young students were clearly very familiar with technology .


The Chaminade students are inviting TCDSB students to “Turn It Off” on Tuesday December 15th.  The idea is the result of their research and work in the area of educating young students about the adverse effects of too much “screen time” when it comes to electronic devices. 


The Chaminade students have been working closely with Louise Russo, who is founder of the Working Against Violence Everyday (W.A.V.E) Organization which centers around the principles of Respect, Responsibility and the Role of Leadership and with Paul Cane of the TCDSB Safe Schools Ambassador Program.  The Chaminade team consists of 19 Leadership Students, School Resource officer Peter De Quintal, Louise Russo, Paul Cane  and Nadia Pasquini, the Chaminade Leadership Teacher.  The goal of our team is to work with elementary schools in our community to continue the educational focus on the responsible use of technological devices.