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“Young people should be at the forefront of global change and innovation. Empowered, they can be key agents for development and peace.​” 

– Kofi Annan 

Chaminade provides endless opportunities for students to rise to the challenge of today’s global issues. The Chaminade Model United Nations Team (CHAMUN) is one of many possibilities for students to engage in a leadership role. Students develop public speaking, writing, and research skills to participate in stimulating debate competitions.

CHAMUN was founded in 1999 as an extracurricular activity open to all students of Chaminade. Since then many have dedicated themselves to practicing and participating in Model United Nations (MUN) conferences both within and outside of Toronto. MUN is exactly what it implies: students modeling the role of the actual United Nations. Participants are assigned a country that they represent in a debate of global issues.

Chaminade is one of few schools in the TCDSB to host its own Model United Nations conference. With its first assembly in 2000, CHAMUN has grown to attract hundreds of secondary school students from across the GTA and beyond. The conference is held annually at the North York Civic Centre and is held for three days in March. For over 15 years CHAMUN has taught students to become true leaders in their community.