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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Books in the library are shelved according to the Dewey Decimal System of classification:
000-099    General Works, Computer Science  
100-199    Philosophy and Psychology
200-299    Religion
300-399    Social Science 
400-499    Language (e.g. French, Italian, Portuguese etc)
500-599    Natural Science and Mathematics 
600-699    Technology (Applied Sciences)
700-799    Arts and Recreation
800-899    Literature
900-999    Geography and History
Use Insignia Library software program to locate books.

To Access (choose an option):
Click on the link below:
Then, search by Keyword, Title, Author or Subject
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  • From the Academic Desktop... Click Start
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  • Navigate to icon Library OPAC - Insignia
  • Select Library
  • Search by Keyword, Title, Author or Subject