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Toronto Catholic District School Board

NoodleTools is a software program that enables staff and students to format a Works Cited using MLA, APA, or Chicago/Turabian style. You can record, organize, and synthesize information using online notecards.
Click on NoodleTools
Each user must create a Personal ID to use this program.  Please see a librarian for the Username and Password required to create a Personal ID.
Part 1: Create a Personal ID 
(You need to do this only the first time you use NoodleTools)
1.Log on to
2.Click on Current Users – Sign In. (This is located at the top-right hand corner.)
3.Click on Create a Personal ID.
4.Click on Register.
5.Under New User Registration, enter the Username and Password:

1.Click on Sign In.
2.Fill in the information required for New User Registration.
3.Create a personal user ID and password and then click on Register. Hint: Use your Dante log on ID
Part 2: Log On
2.Click on Current Users – Sign In. (This is located at the top-right hand corner.)
3.Enter your Username and Password.
4.Click on Sign In.
Part 3: Start a New Project (Works Cited)
NoodleBib allows users to store multiple Works Cited lists at the same time. Simply start a new project (Works Cited list) for each assignment you are doing.
1.Click on Create a New Project at the top-right hand corner.
2.Select the Project Style e.g. MLA Advanced 7th Edition (MLA Starter is meant for use by elementary students.)
3.Select a Project Title. The title can be the name of the assignment and course name. E.g. Physical Geography – Volcanoes
4.Click on Create a Project.
Part 4: Works Cited
1. Begin to create a Works Cited list by clicking on Bibliography (on the left-hand side.)
1.Add citations by identifying the type of material from the drop-down list under the heading Works Cited.
2.After you have selected the type of material, click on Create a Citation.
3.Fill in as much information as required to comply with MLA 7th citation requirements.
Part 5: Using NoodleTools to Create Annotations
NoodleTools will allow you to enter annotations for your citations.
The Annotations box can be found at the bottom of the page. Annotations will be appear in your Works Cited list when you print it.
Part 6: Parenthetical Reference
On the Works Cited page, click on Parenthetical Reference (located at the right-hand side of the citations.) NoodleTools will have created an example of a parenthetical reference for the source you have included in your Works Cited.
Part 7: Printing from NoodleTools
1.Print directly from NoodleTools by clicking on Print. You do not have to cut and past into a Word document as the formatting already has been created.
2.Click on Open and Print. Do not “Export and Print.”
3.You are saving your source list as an RTF file that you can open and print in a word processor like Microsoft Word. If the file download is blocked by your browser's security settings, click on click here to save the file.
4.Print your file.