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Spanish Studies

Spanish Studies
Grade 10
Level 2​
Grade 11
Level 3​
Grade 12
Level 4​
Spanish - Academic​ LWS BD1​ /​ /​
Spanish - University​ /​ LWS CU1​ LWS DU1​
Spanish Exam Preperation​ As Per Individual Request​ Support Outside Class​ As Per Individual Request​
Teacher's Name:  Mr. Aldea
Course: Introduction to Spanish
Textbook: Buen Viaje, nivel2 ($120 cost of replacement)
Workbook: Buen Viaje cuaderno nivel 2  ($24)

This course provides students with the language learning experiences that will enable them to communicate in Spanish.
Students with little or no prior experience with the Spanish language will develop an appreciation forculture and values through language. Students will develop and apply their speaking skills in a variety of contexts, and will participate in activities that will improve their reading comprehension and writing skills. They will also continue to explore aspects of the culture of countries where the Spanish is spoken by taking part in multicultural events and activities involving both print and technological resources. Although students will continue to expand their vocabulary and repertoire of language structures, the language they will use at this level will still be simple. Students with some knowledge of Spanish will be helped to build and apply their knowledge to a higher level.
Thematic readings include short stories, articles, magazines, music  and the internet as stepping stones to oral and written activities.
Since the over-riding aim of this course is to develop Spanish literacy in all students, a wide variety of instructional
strategies are used to provide learning opportunities to accommodate a variety of learning styles, interests and 
ability levels. These include: 
  • Informal Observation
  • Formal Observation
  • Media Literacy
  • Presentations
  •  Verbal Feedback
  • Quizzes
  • Oral tests
  •  Written Feedback
  • Tests
  • Group Assignments
  • Individual assignments
  • ISU 
EVALUATION: Achievement Chart Category Weighting 
K/U - Knowledge & Understanding 30%
A - Application 20%
C - Communication 25%
T/I - Thinking & Inquiry 25%
Term Work 70%
Culminating Activity 10%
Final Written Exam 20%
1. Homework must be done regularly and will be checked periodically.
2. It is your responsibility to get caught up after an absence. Make sure you have contact information for at least two classmates who can help you with your missed work.
Student #1: Email_____________________________ Phone: ________________________
Student #2: Email_____________________________ Phone:_________________________
1. You will be given ample notice for upcoming tests. Students who are absent from class should check
if notice of any test or assignment dates was given in their absence.
2. Students must provide sufficient notice to the teacher of any legitimate reason that will result in a missed test.
3. If a test is missed for a legitimate reason, verification by parental contact/note must be given to the teacher no later than the day of the student’s return. Arrangements for an alternative evaluation will be made with the teacher.
1. The ability to meet deadlines, especially for major assignments and projects, is a life skill that is imperative to succeed in the real world.
2.Timelines for submission of assignments are established to encourage students to manage their time and to take responsibility for their learning. Timelines are also established to allow teachers to effectively deliver curriculum and manage the evaluation of assignments. It is important, therefore, that students work towards completing all assignments and that teachers support them in this process.
If there are any questions or concerns about the above information and guidelines, please come see me.
  • UNIFORM - Policy infractions will result in no admittance to class and the student will be dealt with by administration.
  • LATES/ABSENCES/SKIPS - Parents as well as administration will be contacted if skips and excessive lates occur.
  •  CHEATING - Any form of cheating will not be tolerated and will result in a mark of "0".
I hope you enjoy this course and learn a lot of Spanish as well as make new friends.
Espero que lo pasemos muy bien este simestre y aprendamos mucho. ¡BUENA SUERTE!