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How to Cite Works


Works Cited: MLA Style
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General Rules
  • Centre the words Works Cited half an inch below the page number. The list always appears as the last page(s) of the essay.
  • Never arrange sources by numerical order.
  • Do not subdivide the list into categories unless asked to by your instructor. eg. books, articles, internet sites
  • Arrange all sources alphabetically by the last name of the first author mentioned in the work’s publishing information. The last name should be followed by the surname of the author. 
  • When no author is given, alphabetize the entry by the first word in the title. Disregard articles such as “A,” “An,” or “The.”
  • If a source lists more than one author, begin the citation with the surname of the author listed first on the title page. Then continue citing the names of the other authors.  See sample citation for source with more than one author.
  • Capitalize or italicize all principal words in the title. Do not capitalize articles, prepositions etc.
  • Underline or italicize the title and subtitle of the source. The title of the source must either be underlined or italicized. Be consistent. Do not use both methods within your Works Cited list.
  • Place quotation marks around articles, short stories and essay titles.
  • Begin the first line of each entry at the left margin; indent subsequent lines of that entry by five spaces or one tab.
  • Single space the lines in each entry.
  • Double-space individual entries.
REMEMBER: When in doubt, cite the source.