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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Community Workshop Regarding Columbus Centre, Villa Charities,
Dante Alighieri Community Hub



Office of the Director of Education

Office of the Chair of the Board

November 16, 2017
Dear Parent/Guardian, Staff:
You, and representatives from your school community are invited and encouraged to participate in a community consultation regarding the proposed Columbus Centre/Villa Charities/Dante Alighieri Catholic Academy Intergenerational Community Hub.
Maximum City and Dillon Consulting are hosting the second of two community consultation workshops on behalf of Villa Charities and the Toronto Catholic District School Board on Wednesday, December 6th beginning at 6:30 pm at Sala Caboto, 40 Playfair Avenue. This roundtable format workshop is designed to gather community feedback on specific discussion themes related to this project.
Please note that space at this workshop is limited and all participants must register in advance, and as early as possible. Because this is a repeat of the first workshop, this session is intended for those who could not attend on November 14th. Registration can be done online For those having difficulty completing the online registration, please call 416-229-4646 ext.2800 and leave a message with your full name and phone number to register.
It is important for the community feedback to include input from a wide range of stakeholders including our students, parents, staff, parishioners and other community members who live in the area and utilize the services provided by TCDSB and Villa Charities.
A flyer is attached with information about the community consultation workshop.
For more information about the consultation process and other opportunities to provide feedback, please visit We look forward to your participation.

Rory McGuckin                                      Angela Kennedy
Director of Education                             Chair of the Board
Cc All Superintendents
     All Trustees
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