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Project Overview

The existing Dante Alighieri building will be retrofitted for kindergarten and elementary classrooms to accommodate 651 pupil places, and space for a new 5-room child care centre. Upon construction completion, the Regina Mundi school community will move into the renovated school at 60 Playfair Avenue.

Following the relocation of the Regina Mundi school community, the existing Regina Mundi and Sisters of Good Shepherd buildings will be demolished, and a new school for Dante Alighieri will be constructed in their place. This new school facility will accommodate 1300 pupil places. 

Dante Relocation to Don Bosco Site

The former Don Bosco School Site is located at 2 St Andrew's Boulevard, 10.4 km from Dante Alighieri and has sufficient classroom space to accommodate over 900 students. While the school has been closed since 2015, it has continued to be utilized for tenants, permits and staff in-services. 

School amenities include a full-sized gym and outdoor track and field, and the TCDSB Facilities Department would provide updates to the site to accommodate incoming students.

Transportation:Families will have the option of choosing bussing provided at centralized pick up locations or TTC tickets issued to students. Transportation arrangements would be made for students involved in extra-curricular activities and after school programs.



​​September 2021 - June 20​22 ​September 2022 ​September 2024

Dante Alighieri relocates to former Don Bosco site. 

Transportation provided via centralized bussing or TTC tickets, with families having the option to choose. 


Regina Mundi remains in their existing school buildi​ng.


Former Dante Alighieri school site at 60 Playfair is fully renovated to accommodate the elementary school and new child care centre while unoccupied.


Removal of portables and demolition of Sisters of Good Shepherd Building for outdoor play space.​​

​Regina Mundi students move into renovated site of 60 Playfair. New child care centre licensed and opened.


Demolition of existing Regina Mundi building and construction of new secondary school begins.

Construction of outdoor play spaces, on-site parking and student drop-off areas. ·

​Anticipated completion of the new Dante Alighieri school.

Considerations for Remaining On Site

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on redevelopment construction, and the health and safety considerations the pandemic presents, the previously presented option of remaining on site is no longer feasible for the following reasons: 

Construction Disruption & Impact on Site Use

As major construction begins, there are factors beyond our control that will result in disruptions to our school year. The following major construction disruptions and their related impact on our school use were taken into consideration:

  • Ongoing presence of non-TCDSB workers in the school, including use of corridors and stairwells to move materials, tools and equipment.
  • Change of school use and student access of spaces over the course of construction, including impact on student timetables and class locations.
  • Unavoidable noise and dust related to construction in the building which may disrupt earning and other school activities.
  • Increased use of portables to accommodate classroom space, including the relocation of art and music rooms, and the library to portables. More portables will also result in further loss of outdoor play space.
  • Reduction in on-site parking requiring staff and visitors to make alternative parking arrangements. On-site student pick-up and drop-off would not be available.
  • Impact on construction timelines and related costs due to the necessary phasing of the work and additional measures required to separate construction from occupied areas. 
  • Delays in completion of the childcare centre, parking and play areas.

Sharing of Space

Accommodating both school communities on site would result in unavoidable interaction between younger and older students, including the following instances which were taken into consideration:

  • Difficulties in maintaining separation of cohorts and physical distancing 
  • Some entrances, corridors and stairwells would be shared by both elementary and secondary students. 
  • The gymnasium would be shared by both schools and use would be limited for all students. Change rooms would not be available.
  • Outdoor play areas limited to the track area and shared by elementary and secondary students. Due to the distance from the school to the track area, elementary students would need to be moved in a controlled way for recess times.

COVID Precautions

The combined impact of construction on site and the increased number of students sharing space raised further concerns as a result the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, including the following considerations:

  • Social distancing would be challenged due to increased unavoidable interaction, especially in high traffic entrances, corridors and stairwells;
  • Ventilation and air circulation would be negatively impacted due to increased number of individuals in shared space;
  • Access to handwashing would be impacted by ongoing construction and increased use, with number of hand washing stations potentially reduced.