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Dante Alighieri Academy Redevelopment  

In Spring 2020 community consultations were held regarding the accommodation of Regina Mundi and Dante Alighieri students during the upcoming redevelopment. 

Due to the impacts of COVID-19 on school operations, the options previously presented are no longer available for the following reasons: 

A. Monsignor Fraser (Norfinch): This previously presented relocation option is no longer available to accommodate the Dante Alighieri school community, as it now serves as the administration site of the St. Anne Catholic Academy, Virtual School of Learning. 

B. Remaining on Site: Numerous considerations were expressed about the health and safety of students and staff while remaining on site during construction. Due to the pandemic, health and safety considerations are heightened by the need to maintain social distancing as best as possible. The impact on reduced use of site space, and the need for shared space between schools increases the instances of direct contact between students of both schools. 

C. Don Bosco: The previously presented option at the former Don Bosco school remains the only viable option to accommodate Dante students during redevelopment. 

Update for Regina Mundi Families

Regina Mundi students will remain on site at their current school for one year while construction to retrofit the Dante Alighieri building is complete. Following construction completion in 2022, Regina Mundi will move into the renovated school at 60 Playfair Avenue. This redevelopment plan will eliminate expressed health and safety concerns, as the Dante construction site will be separated with no public access until completion.  

Update for Dante Alighieri Families

Staff and students from Dante Alighieri will relocate to the former Don Bosco site for the duration of the renovation and reconstruction commencing September 2021. As a result of student relocation, the Sisters of the Good Sheppard property will be permitted for short term use prior to demolition.  


Please note, families requiring transportation will have the option of choosing bussing provided at centralized pick-up locations, or TTC tickets issued to students. 


Dante students will also have the ability to request a transfer to another school under the Admissions Policy.  Requests for transfer would be considered through the regular process and are dependent on available space and programming in the requested school.

Additional Information