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Upcoming Dante Alighieri Academy Redevelopment  

Due to the ongoing state of emergency, TCDSB staff have determined it is necessary to delay the distribution of a community survey at this time, as was planned following the March 9, 2020 community meeting. Plans for a community survey will remain on hold until COVID-19 restrictions are lifted.
On Monday, February 10 and March 9, community meetings took place to share more information about the redevelopment work needed to accommodate the construction of a new Dante Alighieri and to give attendees an opportunity to participate in consultation on temporary accommodation options for the school community. 

Click here to view the March 9 Presentation. All other resources located to the right of this page.

The Board of Trustees is expected to make a decision on the Dante Alighieri-Regina Mundi redevelopment recommendation at Thursday, April 23 Regular Board Meeting. The Agenda for Regular Board, which will include the recommendation for accommodation of Dante Alighieri and Regina Mundi students during redevelopment construction, will become public on ​Friday, April 17 at  

Regular Board meetings, as always, are open to the public. If you are unable to attend the meetings, you can watch live online at

Please note as a result of the community input from the February 10th consultation meetingthe Norfinch (Regina Pacis) site will no longer be considered the recommended relocation option for the Dante community​ 


Frequently Asked Questions: 

Dante Alighieri Temporary Relocation and New School Building  


On Thursday, January 16th, the report “2020-2021 School Relocations Plan” was presented at the TCDSB Corporate Services Committee Meeting. The report included information about the construction of a new school for the Dante Alighieri community and a potential relocation option.


The following questions and answers have been compiled to help students, staff, parents and the community understand the construction plan as well as the next steps.

1.     Has the relocation site already been determined?

While the report recommended a proposed relocation site for the Dante Alighieri community, no decision has been made. The school’s relocation site is dependent on feedback received from school community consultations.


2.     Will students receive transportation to the new school site?

Transportation can be provided through centralized pick up points creating routes to the relocation site and TTC tickets issued to students.  Transportation staff will work with the community through surveys and consultation to determine needs and accommodate transportation requirements throughout the consultation process. For students involved in extra-curricular activities and sports, additional bus transportation can be arranged for after school hours programs.


As has been done in the past, the Board will work with the TTC to ensure a transit stop is located in front of (or within short walking distance of) the relocation school, if one is not already in place. 

3.     Will the Board accommodate families who wish to transfer their child out of Dante Alighieri, as a result of pending relocation? 

Students wishing to transfer to other schools can follow standard procedure for doing so by submitting a transfer request, or a change request for students entering grade 9 in September 2020.  These requests will be reviewed by the receiving school and space will be offered based on availability of space and programming.


In addition to Dante Alighieri, the TCDSB operates four other nearby secondary schools:


Click here for a complete list of TCDSB secondary schools.


4.     What are the next steps?

There will be additional opportunities for community input in the months ahead. The community will be notified of these dates when they are available. 


5.     If I have more questions, who can I contact?

Please send any inquiries to the Facilities Department, colleen.ryhorski@tcdsb.orgAs always, you can also contact the Principal, Anthony Bellisario, Vice-Principals, Jessica Ugliano and Robert Gallo, and the local Trustee