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For Parents

Dear Parents, Guardians and Students,

“Student Success Literacy strives to equip students, regardless of their chosen pathway, with the literacy skills needed for life-long learning. Skills and knowledge in reading, writing, speaking, listening, representing, and viewing empower learners to interact with a wide range of texts, developing literacy skills across the curriculum and building a foundation to achieve life-long literacy habits. Student Success Literacy initiatives are carefully considered and developed to enable students to think, apply and communicate effectively to achieve personal and career goals.”
The staff Dante Alighieri Academy is committed to preparing students to achieve success in all of their academic pursuits.  Literacy is one of the four pillars supporting students success. To ensure that your son or daughter has the reading, writing and oral communication skills necessary to be successful in their life-long pursuits, there are a number of initiatives already in place at the school, board, and provincial levels. 
We believe that parental involvement is a key factor in a child's literacy development. We encourage you to visit the web site of the Toronto Catholic District School Board and to become familiar with the many literacy initiatives that are introduced at the secondary school level. (TCDSB Student Success portal​)
School Literacy Team

For Spanish-speaking parents/guardians, please click on the following link for information: Click here. ​​​​

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