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2020 Luciano Di Loreto OYAP Award of Distinction

Massimo Calabro was the recipient of the 2020 Luciano Di Loreto OYAP Award of Distinction. Massimo graduated in June of 2020 from Dante Alighieri Academy and participated in the Accelerated OYAP General Carpenter Program achieving outstanding grades and acquiring his Basic Level One in Carpentry. 

The Luciano Di Loreto OYAP Award of Distinction is awarded annually to a TCDSB secondary student who is registered in their school as either an OYAP Participant student, an OYAP Registered student, or an Accelerated OYAP student. The award is accompanied with a $250 Bursary to help support the student continue his/her apprenticeship pathway beyond their secondary school education. 

Congratulations, Massimo!

Visit the OYAP website​ for more information.​​​​​