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Dante Alighieri Eco Team Wins Recycle My Cell Challenge:  Waste Reduction Week

 Recycle My Cell 4.jpg

Congratulations to the Eco Team at Dante Alighieri for winning the "Recycle My Cell Challenge" for Waste Reduction Week. The team was competing against schools from across Ontario. The Beatrice campus collected the most used cell phones in Ontario and their prize includes: a certificate, a cheque for $500 and a wireless device.  Tania wasn't sure what exactly the device will be.  Recycle My Cell was created and is maintained by the Canadian Wireless Telecommunications Association.
The Eco Team challenged the students and staff to donate their old and out of use cell phones.  The goal of the challenge was to collect as many cell phones as possible, so that they can be properly recycled.  They collected cell phones from students over a three-week period, during lunches in the cafeteria.
The Eco Team is comprised of 24 students (the majority in grade 9) and teacher moderators.  They all worked together, with the strong and continuous support from the school's administration, to win this challenge. 
The Dante Eco Team is also involved in many other great initiative: a used toy drive, an awareness assembly, and are currently working towards an Earth Hour challenge and planning for "Take Your Kids Outside Day."  They also hope to become an Eco Certified School.