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Dante makes it to Provincial Sears Drama Festival

Results from the Sears Ontario Drama Festival:

Our large cast and crew of 35 students had an amazing experience in Hamilton (May 6-10).
We were one of 12 schools chosen from over 300 schools across Ontario to attend this provincial showcase...and this is the third year we have been chosen to participate at the provincial level.  They were exemplary in so many ways--respecting the other hotel guests, fully respecting the staff advisors there, attending their assigned workshops, demonstrating theatre etiquette, taking time to critique and discuss in depth the nine plays we saw and the issues these plays brought up, and most importantly, showing each other respect and support--all of them—consistently.
Having watched three great school performances on our first night there, the cast and crew became determined to perform at the same level...and they really really did it!!  Every actor sharpened and heightened his/her performance and timing to a point that it almost became a different show than it has been.  The first thing the adjudicator said in the public adjudication, after seeing our show was, "This play...this play was simply amazing!"  He was very taken by the commitment of our students both on stage and our crew and had so many nice things to say. 
Dante received the following awards:
  • One of the six prestigious Mira awards went to Joseph Nguyen for his artistic design of the set and props
  • Laura Savoiardo & Adina Larmond received an outstanding production award for their costume design
  • Domenique Arnold applied and interviewed for a scholarship and was one of three students chosen to receive a $3,000 scholarship toward her post-secondary studies in the Arts

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