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Dante Students Visit China

Dante made history as the first TCDSB student group to visit China.  Dante students, along with their Principal , Flora Cifelli and Superintendent Gina Iuliano Marrello and 2 Dante Teachers, flew to Beijing on Thursday, March 10 to connect with Dante’s “sister school”, Beijing 50, where they took part in classroom activities. 
On Monday, an opening ceremony welcomed the group.  Ms. Cifelli and Ms. Marrello were invited to address everyone, which included their School Director, other officials and school educators. 


After a week of events at Beijing No. 50, Dante students bid farewell to staff and students at their “sister” school.  Dante students and staff were treated to a full day of classroom activities as well as an after school closing event featuring performances by students from Beijing No 50 and staff and students from Dante.  The day ended with Chinese and Canadian students making dumplings together, followed by a dumpling dinner in the school cafeteria. 

The tour continues with a trip to Xi’an to explore some of the historic sites, including the Terra-cotta warriors, before returning to Toronto. 

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