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Methods to Apply

 Online (

 Paper  (link to PDF)

Criteria for Admission to a Toronto Catholic School
ELEMENTARY School Admissions:

The following original documents (for your child) are required upon registration:

   1) Birth Certificate

   2) Proof of Catholicity (one of the following):

       - Your child's Catholic baptismal certificate

       - The parent's Catholic baptismal certificate

         (note: the Catholic parent must provide proof of residency in the City of Toronto)

       - A letter of enrolment to the R.C.I.A./R.C.I.C. programme from a Catholic

         parish priest.

   3) Passport/Immigration Documents (if child was not born in Canada)

   4) Proof of Address (some examples: a lease agreement, utility bill, proof of



Please note:

Non-Catholic children of Non-Catholic parents who are not enrolled in the R.C.I.A./R.C.I.C. programme are not eligible for admission to a TCDSB elementary school.


General information is available by telephone at 416-222-8282, ext. 5314 or via the board’s website at