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Our school is named after one of the fathers of Confederation.


D’Arcy McGee was born on 13 April 1825 in Carlingford, Ireland. In 1857, he set up the publication of the New Era in Montreal, Quebec. In his editorials and pamphlets he defended the Irish Catholic right to representation in the assembly. 

In terms of economics he promoted modernization, calling for extensive economic development by means of railway construction, the fostering of immigration, and the application of a high protective tariff to encourage manufacturing. Politically active, he advocated a new nationality in Canada, to escape the sectarianism of Ireland. In 1858, he was elected to the Legislative Assembly of the Province of Canada and worked for the creation of an independent Canada.

McGee became the minister of agriculture, immigration, and statistics in the Conservative government which was formed in 1863. He retained that office in the "Great Coalition", and was a Canadian delegate to the Charlottetown and Quebec conferences of 1864. At Quebec, McGee introduced the resolution which called for a guarantee of the educational rights of religious minorities in Upper and Lower Canada. He was assassinated on 7 April 1868.

He was a Father of Confederation and a champion of the rights of Religious minorities.

D’Arcy McGee Catholic School is a community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions. Our Mission is to educate our young people to their full potential by integrating Catholic beliefs, academic and technical instruction in the total learning experience for our most prized possession, our students.

(information taken from D'Arcy McGee School Learning Improvement Plan page)