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About Us


How We Meet The Diverse Needs Of Our Students


Catholic Foundation:
D'Arcy McGee Catholic School provides a learning environment where models of Gospel values and Catholic doctrines and traditions are an integral part of the daily life of the school. Religious instruction and family life programs provide students with an essential foundation in their faith development. Faith activities planned throughout the year include Sacrament of Reconciliation, liturgical celebrations (Christmas Novena Mass, Stations of the Cross), food and sock drives, and ShareLife campaigns.

Welcome display in the foyer: Lent, St. Joseph Staff and Junior W5H Divisional Pennant

The curriculum facilitator will be assisting with in-service in language arts and mathematics. Our staff attends regular workshops in all curriculum areas: the history in-service for transition years, the transition years outcome-based in-service, literacy and numeracy. Programs for exceptional students and English as a second language/dialect student are included.


We provide Virtue of the month assemblies to celebrate positive accomplishments in the Christian virtues. Enrichment activities are an integral part of classroom programming to provide students with the opportunity to work at advanced levels i.e. W5H and chess clubs.


Several programs assist the students in literacy: home visits (junior kindergarten level), paired reading, remedial instruction, peer reading, partners in action (librarian and classroom teachers), young authors' conference, and library reading club.

School-based support team:

We presently offer several special education classes - Kindergarten Language Program, specific learning disabled, primary and junior language impaired, PAST program and gifted. Support programs are offered to those students who require specific assistance in speech and language and occupational therapy. Program accommodation and modification is done in the regular classroom and assistance/intervention takes place as required. An After School Literacy program is offered this year to primary and junior students.

Music and the arts:

D'Arcy McGee offers vocal and instrumental programs to students during the regular school day. Students are also encouraged to participate in choir. Classes participate in the school Christmas concerts and Catholic Education Week themes.



 Recorder ensemble at the Christmas Concert



 Technological Education:

Hands-on experiences with building materials and other mechanical devices provide our students from junior kindergarten to grade 8 with the opportunity to apply mathematical, scientific and technological principles to their day to day activities. Overall, our students are offered a well rounded, balanced program integrating science, mathematics and technology.

Teaching and Learning:

Our staff co-ordinates the learning process through team planning and team teaching. Divisionally, topics and themes are developed so that students are exposed to the required skills, content and the standards set out in the provincial curriculum. Our programs encompass a variety of teaching strategies which include large and small group instruction and individualized teaching.

Co-Curricular Learning

A significant portion of our program is offered outside the school. Excursions are integrated into the academic curriculum. Several large culminating activities are planned during the year. These include science, mathematics and technological fairs, concerts, musicals or drama presentations. Individualized optional activities are planned outside of the regular school day on the basis of student interest and availability of staff and time. these include house leagues for all students, athletic tournaments such as: soccer, volleyball, basketball, cross-country, track and field, softball. Academic festivals are offered for W5H, music presentations, band and visual arts.

Primary/Junior Language Impaired students attended Remembrance Day ceremonies

at Queen's Park.