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School History And Tradition

D'Arcy McGee Catholic School is named for Thomas D'Arcy McGee who was one of the Fathers of Confederation. Born in Carlingford, Ireland, April 13, 1825, he emigrated to America at the age of 17, and later came to Montreal where he founded a newspaper called “The New Era”. He then moved into politics and played a major role in bringing about the confederation of the provinces to form the new country of Canada. His life was brought to an untimely end in 1868 by an assassin's bullet. Our school proudly bears his name and honours his memory as a great Canadian. 


D'Arcy McGee was constructed as an open concept school in September, 1968. It was designated a senior school to accommodate two feeder schools, St. Thomas Aquinas andD'Arcy McGee School St. John Bosco Catholic Schools, and to offer the type of facilities, programs and experiences suited to the needs of students at this age level. It is now a full elementary school, serving students in grades JK through to grade 8.
In 1983 the school was redesigned and semi-permanent walls were installed to create single self-contained classrooms. The science lab, technological education, family studies and music facilities were among the best in the system.


Since 1982 D'Arcy McGee has offered a middle French immersion program (grades 5-8) designed to teach French to non-francophone children. Students study half their subjects in French and the other half in English.
Throughout its history, D'Arcy McGee Catholic School has provided quality Catholic education to the residents of the Vaughan-Oakwood community.