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Duane Gibson, Canadian rapper from Stratford, Ontario, met with grades 3 to 8 on November 25 to share his life experiences and his rap music. Duane, aka D.O. is a Guinness World Record setting rapper and University graduate who has been inspiring hundreds of thousands of youth since 2001. He has performed Worldwide in places including Taiwan, Japan, England, France, Las Vegas and Miami. Gibson has had several videos play on Muchmusic and Drake even appeared in one of them. D.O. came to tell us ways to Stay Driven and to let us know that “Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down.”

His generous nature showed in the several posters and CD prizes he gave away and by staying to sign autographs for everyone. It was a well-crafted presentation, engaging and memorable. Thanks, Duane! Enjoy these photos from the event.

Duane has a good sense of humour.


Duane told everyone about his school days.

Duane had an effective message about staying focussed on your goal.



Duane was a true professional, signing autographs with patience for many students.