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About Us


How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students

Don Bosco provides a rigorous education rooted in Gospel values. Students are challenged to work towards their potential within a supportive environment guided by caring and supportive staff. Students at Don Bosco have access to programs and experiences designed to meet their individual needs, regardless of their post-secondary goals.

The following are a number of our key program highlights:

Enrichment Program
In September 1995 Don Bosco initiated an enrichment program for grade 10 students. The purpose is to provide an alternative advanced level curriculum that is both challenging and innovative. A major focus of the program is the integration of computer skills along with independent study strategies. The enrichment program is being extended to grades 11 and 12.
Broad-based technology
Don Bosco is proud to have been chosen as the first pilot school in Metropolitan Separate School Board by the Ministry of Education and Training to develop new programs in broad-based technology. Over the last several years Don Bosco has undertaken to re-shape its curriculum and its facilities to respond to these new challenges. Students are now able to study a course called broad-based technology-communications in grades 9 through 12. The facilities and equipment used to support this course includes a complete television studio. Students work with television cameras, computers and editing equipment to produce video programs. All incoming grade 9 students are introduced to this exciting new program.
Special education
Students identified with specific exceptionalities are provided with a program that meets their learning needs. The program modifications made by teachers are designed to ensure that all students have an opportunity to learn and succeed at a speed and rate that corresponds to their needs and abilities. Although the option exists for students to be withdrawn for specific assistance the vast majority of our students are integrated into regular classrooms. We are very proud of our staff at Don Bosco especially the special education department, which received certificate of Exemplary Practice in Integration from the Ministry of Education.
Youth to youth
It is a group of highly trained students who are available to act as peer counselors. Often students would rather speak to another student than a teacher or a counselor. Youth to youth has been active in setting up a Mothers Against Drunk Drivers at Don Bosco. They have been recognized by the City of Etobicoke for their efforts.
Conflict resolution/peer mediation
We are currently developing a program designed to train students in the skills of conflict resolution and peer mediation. Programs of this nature have proven to reduce the number of reported incidents of conflict situations between students.
Career education
The guidance and counseling services department delivers a comprehensive career education program to students in all grades. The program consists of both in class instruction and out of class presentation. Each student is aided in their career exploration process by having the opportunity to complete a yearly career interest inventory. The guidance department stocks an extensive collection of career materials in print, video and computerized formats.
Since our humble beginnings on Dixon Road we have had many dedicated coaches, exceptional athletes and very deserving programs. Bosco teams have been ranked highly provincially in sports such as volleyball, basketball, hockey, track and field and team handball. We pride ourselves in shaping young men and women into fine members of society and have developed athletes to compete in universities both here in Canada and the U.S.A.
At present we offer programs in badminton, baseball, basketball, field hockey, golf, hockey, skiing, soccer, softball, swimming, tennis, track and field and volleyball.
To complement our competitive sports program Don Bosco offers a strong participation based intra-mural program. The following sports can be played wither at lunch or after school: boys and girls in school soccer, three on three basketball, ball hockey, volleyball and badminton.
Don Bosco offers many opportunities for students to join clubs and activities which contribute to the life of the school. A sample of the clubs available include: the chess club, computer club, outers club, Italian and French clubs, student council, yearbook and special assemblies.