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Co-operative Education (Co-op)


What is Co-operative Education?

Co-operative Education is a school program that integrates classroom study with practical and real workplace experiences. Our Co-op program is a partnership between Don Bosco Catholic Secondary School and our local business community.

Who can take Co-Op?

Co-op is available to all students in Grades 11 and 12. Co-op is not a required course, but does require each student to complete a Co-op application and have an interview before acceptance to the program. The application and interview are conducted soon after the student submits their course selections for next year to our Guidance department.


How is Co-Op delivered at Don Bosco?

​Don Bosco offers 2, 3 and 4 credit Co-op packages in both semesters. All of our co-op programs require our students to prepare for the workplace in the first two weeks of each semester. After which, our students will go to their Co-op placement from 3 to 5 hours each school day (depending on their specific Co-op program) for the remainder of the semester.


How do students benefit by taking Co-Op?

Students benefit from Co-op by any, or all, of the following:

-       Gaining valuable career experience that will help the student in making important future career decisions

-       Acquiring from 200 to 400 hours of relative career experience which can help with admission applications to college and university programs or towards an apprenticeship

-       Having the opportunity to receive a letter of recommendation from their Co-op placement

-       Acquiring work experience to build up their resume and assist in gaining future employment

-       Getting a possible job offer from their Co-op placement because many employers use Co-op programs as a training ground for any future employees

-       the opportunity to go beyond what is taught in the classroom

-       the opportunity to apply the skills and the knowledge studied in school

-       increasing awareness for the demands, responsibilities and expectations of the workplace

Co-op Careers and Placement Opportunities

We've helped our students secure placements in a variety of fields. Some of which include...

-       Veterinarian Assistant

-       Automotive Service Technician

-       Teacher's Assistant

-       Cook

-       Hotel and Restaurant Management

-       Nursing Assistant

-       Lawyer's Office

-       Dental Assistant

-       Travel Consultant

-       Graphic Artist

-       Computer Technician

 Dual Credit Program


What is a Dual Credit Program?

A Dual Credit program is a unique opportunity where a Grade 11 or 12 student can take a course at a local college and earn an additional high school credit (along with earning a college credit).  The college course is taught one afternoon per week in either semester one or two by a certified college instructor. The college credit earned is recognized at all Ontario colleges that offer a similar program of study.  TTC tickets, textbooks, tuition, etc. are all paid for and so this program  is completely FREE to the student.

Benefits of Dual Credit Program

-       Students can earn extra high school credits

-       Students can earn college credits that can be applied towards their future college education

-       Students will have access to ALL student services available at the college such as the library, computer labs, tutoring service, student skills workshops and athletic facilities for the semester


Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)


What is OYAP?

OYAP stands for Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program. A student in an OYAP program can get a head start on their career as a skilled professional while still in high school. Students can earn credits toward their apprenticeship and high school diploma at the same time with no delay in graduation.

What are OYAP Programs?

OYAP Accelerated Programs include the following...

-       Automotive, Truck or Coach Service Technician

-       General Carpenter

-       Child and Youth Worker

-       Early Childhood Educator

-       Landscaper

-       Construction Craft Worker

-       Cook

-       Baker

-       Plumber

-       Electrician

-       Residential Air Conditioning Sistems Mechanic

-       Drywall Installer


Which students are eligible to take an OYAP program?

OYAP is intended for Grade 12 students who are seriously interested in pursuing a career in the skilled trades immediately upon graduation from Don Bosco. Since OYAP is only offered during semester two of each school year, students should plan to earn their final four elective credits upon successful completion of the OYAP program. This will allow for a seamless transition from graduation to starting their career in the skilled profession of their choice.


What are the benefits of taking OYAP? ​

Students benefit by...

-       Earning their high school diploma while training as a registered level one apprentice

-       Earning four credits towards their high school diploma

-       Earning over 400 hours of valuable career experience that can be applied towards their apprenticeship

-       Not having to pay for any tuition or registration fees for any specialized training while enrolled at Don Bosco.

-       Working with skilled professionals who may be potential future employers

-       Earning a number of credits towards their college diplomas​