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​Global Education ​Certificate Program Supported By Ap Courses

Our Global Education Certificate offers a distinctively Catholic high school education with the opportunity for senior level Advanced Placement courses within an International Studies context. From a Catholic perspective, we promote a high quality educational experience based on the social teachings of Christ and sustained by the commitment to improving our global community.

Global Education Certificate

ap1.jpg"As a school community we recognize that our students are a part of a global community, and the need to increase our students' awareness of current affairs and our social responsibilities in the world. Students at Don Bosco will understand the international forces shaping their lives and acquire the knowledge, skills, and strategies to understand the complexity of international problems and work towards promoting the social teachings of Christ to create a better future for the world, which is predicated on the beliefs that:

- The present has been 'created' by the PAST
- The future is being created as we speak
- Social justice issues are present everywhere
- I can make a difference in the world

Our grade nine and ten curriculum, in all subjects, weaves in opportunities for students to study international themes, learn about the world around them and develop critical cultural proficiency and awareness. Students make connections to other parts of the world through the approach used to studying issues that may involve making connections to other school communities abroad through technology, or applying knowledge to other communities in the world. All students at Don Bosco Catholic High School will recognize immediately that the nature of the school and delivery of curriculum places an emphasis on international connections through the delivery and content covered. As soon as students enter the building they are struck by the emphasis on current events by the ongoing news stations covered on large screen televisions in the foyer and the world map that highlights Don Bosco schools around the world. The delivery of curriculum, expanded excursions and an emphasis on keeping current through the reading of daily newspapers will further enhance this experience. Beyond this, there is an intentional thread throughout all grade nine and ten subject areas that focus students on five key questions:


- What are the international issues/problems and why are they relevant to students at Don Bosco?
- What are the causes and effects of the issues/problems?
- How are issues/problems inter-related?
- What are potential solutions to the issues/problems?
- How can students at Don Bosco make a positive contribution to our global community?

By the conclusion of grade 10, students should have increased knowledge of the interdependence of our world, and the role of individuals, organizations and governments in responding to the issues of international importance. The International focus on global issues, social responsibility, active citizenship, career education permeates all subject areas in a real and meaningful way. In doing so, we are preparing students better for a highly technological, globally competitive rapidly changing global economy.

Advanced Placement Program

Those students in the Global Education Certificate program will be able to complement their education with Advanced Placement courses in their senior level years of study. This articulated educational endeavour provides secondary school students with the challenge of studying at a university level in senior grades while also obtaining compulsory credits towards their Ontario Secondary School Diploma. Secondary school students with this educational opportunity enter university far better prepared, confident and knowledgeable of the university expectations through rigorous preparation. Exposure to university level material through AP courses gives students an 'edge up' and a head start in their university studies. By grade 12, students have the opportunity to achieve advanced standing through the successful completion of an AP Exam. Universities are then able to grant credit, placement, or both to these students. There are many benefits for students who take AP courses. They can study subjects they are interested in and challenge themselves with students who are similarly motivated. AP often helps steer students who are unsure about their future plans toward university or advanced studies, and universities view any AP experience as a plus. This gives students a head start and increases their future options. AP prepares students for the future by giving those tools that will serve them well throughout their college career. Global Education Certificate students must take at least two of their senior courses at the AP level.

Courses and Examination

Students take AP courses and exams for many reasons – the challenge, the sense of accomplishment, the strengthening of their college applications, the money and time saved, and the opportunities that can unfold as a result of the AP experience. A student who earns a grade of 3 or better on an AP Exam is generally considered qualified to receive credit for the equivalent course at a university that gives credit for AP Exams. The associated cost savings can be as as $1000 per course. Once in university, AP students often take advanced courses, explore different subject areas, enter honours and other special programs, pursue a double major, and even complete undergraduate requirements early.