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Pupil Accommodation Review Next Steps

Office of the Director of Education  



January 9, 2017


Dear Parents/Guardians, Catholic School Advisory Councils, Principals and Staff of Don Bosco.


Thank you for participating in the Pupil Accommodation Review process. We would like to take this opportunity to highlight the next steps in the process. An Interim Staff report was prepared by the Director and presented to the Board of Trustees on November 24, 2016 for consideration. A copy of this Interim report is posted on the board’s website at:
On February 1, 2017 at a Special Meeting of the Board, there will be an opportunity for public input (delegations and written submissions) regarding the Director’s Interim Report. Information on the delegation process can be found on the Board’s website at:


At the February 23, 2017 Meeting of the Board, a further report from the Director of Education will be considered which will take into account the results of public input provided at the previous Board meeting. At this meeting, the Board of Trustees can make a final decision on the recommendations.


The pupil accommodation review has taken place in accordance with the Toronto Catholic District School Board’s Pupil Accommodation Review Policy and Operational Procedure (S.09), which can be viewed on the Board’s website at  and
Information about the pupil accommodation review for this area is available through the Board's website at:



Angela Gauthier
Director of Education
CC:  Adrian Della Mora, School Superintendent 
        Angelo Sangiorgio, Associate Director Planning and Facilities 
        Rory McGuckin, Associate Director Academic Affairs 
        Joseph Martino, Trustee