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School Action Team (SAT)


If you see someone getting bullied and would like to help, you can send an anonymous tip to our School Action Team Tip Line at

School Action Teams are a representation of the School Community, comprised of Students, School Staff, Parents and Police Officers.  Each Action Team provides relevant events and programs that address the health and safety needs of the school.  The goal is to engage students in the issues and solutions that impact them, which is the key to maintaining a safe and caring learning environment.

Teams administer an annual survey to their school that provides them with insight into the primary safety concerns for their population. Sample survey designs are available online. Survey designs and results are collected online, via the School Action Teams website, to continually provide relevant and informative support to our schools.

An action plan is created from the results of the annual survey implemented by the Action Team.  The plan should include 2-4 events, supporting fundraisers and multiple meetings for planning and team building. Throughout the year, Action Teams host/attend fundraisers, events, Team meetings and divisional meetings.  Teams can share notes, links and information through our website, while also reporting and promoting their Action Teams activities.  Within a year, there are specific time periods where information will be requested and updated online. 

This year’s events/activities will focus on alcohol/drug awareness and safety; dating violence; bullying awareness; respect for gay, lesbian and bisexual youth in our community and motivating our students to realize the power of their own lives to create positive change in the world around them thus transforming their own attitudes and actions towards themselves and others.

Our guest speakers include:

- MADD Canada
- The TEAR Project-Victim Services Toronto
- “Think Day”-hosted by Absolute Leadership Inc.