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Toronto Catholic District School Board

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The House System provides the framework for pastoral care of students, encourages participation in sporting and cultural co-curricular activities, and promotes leadership development.  The House System promotes a keen but good-natured rivalry between House teams to see who will win the House Trophy at the end of each year. Points towards this prize accumulate from the various sporting and cultural, and other friendly competitions that are held throughout the year.

By setting up a House System, we believe that strong house loyalty and a sense of fun and friendly competition will continue to provide opportunities for personal growth and success, as well as create a fun-filled and positive school atmosphere.

During the year, the Houses compete against each other in a number of activities which may change from year to year. Some of these activities are listed below:

  • Physical activity competitions (Carnaval, Sports Day, Husky Fun Day, etc.)
  • Organization of Sports Events (i.e., Soccer, Volleyball etc.)
  • Participation in before and after school physical activities
  • Community outreach programs and charities
  • Contribution to school Culture
  • Building projects at the school (e.g. Science fair competition)
  • Competitions (i.e., organize school events, initiatives, tournaments, etc.)
House groups can also be used to:
  • To welcome visitors to the school
  • Represent the school at functions
  • Co-ordinate activities around the school or sporting/club events
  • Develop a sense of ownership and pride at Epiphany
  • Develop a sense of responsibility in the care of their school
The House System at Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy of Learning is designed to encourage both community and friendly competition between students in a supportive and inclusive environment. At Epiphany, the house system has many benefits. This new system is part of our continued focus on whole-student success (i.e., Growth Mindset) and will encourage students to form positive relationships with fellow students at all grade levels.
Mixing the students from all grades in the house provides more opportunities for students to meet peers with whom they may not otherwise interact, and the youngest students feel more relaxed moving up to middle grades and likewise the junior students have improved relations with intermediate students. Staff and student relationships improve as a result of them interacting outside the classroom. Positive peer relations gets students involved in activities in order to support their house and students gain a sense of pride in being able to contribute. When all students feel they can make a difference it creates a climate where students and staff want to be, making the House System a win-win situation!
Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy of Learning recognizes the abilities of each student and works on developing, strengthening, and fostering growth in each student.  Upon entering the school, students will feel a sense of belonging by becoming part of a House community all belonging to God’s family - as Jesus is the Head of each House.
The House system develops positive interaction among grade levels from Pre-K through to Grade Eight.   Students will have the opportunity to gain merit points, both individually and collectively for their House, through various activities/events held at the school. This in turn, will promote healthy competition and allow a sense of mentoring and leadership to build up between the older and the younger students.


With the exception of Administration, each teaching staff member will be placed in a House. The even distribution of staff will allow students to become more familiar with those staff members they rarely have a chance to interact with, or turn to for support. The House system dovetails nicely into our existing Virtues of the Month, Catholic Graduate Expectations, Catholic Social Teachings, and our continued emphasis on Growth Mindset and Rigour.
The purpose of each house is to guide and support the academic, social, emotional, spiritual, and personal development of each student during their time at school.  House Captains (Grade 8 students) will build strong partnerships with student to help each student relate in a more positive way to life in school. This concept is akin to fostering a 'Family Unit' and is further reinforced by the fact that we all belong and all of us are welcome in God’s family. The sense of “family” in each of the 4 houses will promote a feeling of identity and belonging and of self-worth.


Essentially, we believe that the House System will support our students by achieving the following:


  • Student Centered Focus: Each student will be treated as an individual.
  • A caring, supportive environment: Each student will be a valued member of a small 'family unit' within a larger 'family' within the whole school … and foster a “Growth Mindset”.
  • Respect, consideration and courtesy.
  • A well-ordered, stimulating and enjoyable atmosphere in which deep learning and effective teaching can flourish … a school with rigour and relevance.
  • Support for each of our students who are motivated to learn (do well in school) and serve (do good because it’s good to do)
  • Positive self esteem amongst students and value of the ethos of the school community.
  • The opportunity to obtain the essential learning skills necessary for a rapidly changing society (The Seven Essential Survival Skills).
  • Equal opportunity and encouragement to achieve a student’s full potential.
  • Building of interpersonal skills within groups of students of all ages.
  • Peer support to prevent bullying and stop it when necessary.
  • Promotion of Student Responsibility, Team skills, Leadership skills, collaboration and Co-operation.
  • Co-curricular activities which will enhance each student’s school experience.
  • Development of personal and social skills and well-being.
  • A school in which Students, Parents, Staff, Administrators and the wider School community can be justly proud.


Our House System helps us to set the conditions for student achievement and excellence ...

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