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Toronto Catholic District School Board

House Points
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Throughout the year, students earn House Points for their positive engagement and participation in class, during assemblies, during events/activities, at recess, on the bus, and on the playground.  House Points are given for positive comportment such as co-operation, kindness, good sportsmanship, tolerance, respect, and effort.  The Houses provide not only an increased feeling of identity and belonging, but they also provide students with a sense of tradition and leadership opportunities.
Epiphany has four Magi Houses.  Students in JK through Grade 8 are divided into mixed-grade level houses. Each house is named after one of the four Magi – Artaban, Melchior, Balthazar, and Caspar.  Teachers (House Mentor Leaders) oversee each one of the Epiphany Houses and House Captains (Grade 8 students) lead each Epiphany House.  House Captains will be two-Grade 8 students (i.e., 1 male and 1 female student). House Captains apply for the role and each is selected by the Grade 8 Teacher in consultation with the Teacher-Mentors for each particular House.
Individual students earn points for their house by participating in school events, community service projects and extracurricular activities. Students keep track of their own involvement on sheets and must get signatures from adults who sponsor/supervise each event or activity they participate in.  What constitutes an activity that will earn House Points and how they are awarded and how many will no doubt evolve and change over time and as tradition will dictate – With the coming and going of new students, new teachers and new administration will come change.
In short, House Points can be earned based on one’s demonstration of positive participation, leadership skills, and personal engagement in activities/events within the school and in the community.
Point Sheet System
Students are given an individual Point Sheet each month (or week). Point Sheets are provided to all House Mentor Leaders (staff), Coaches (School Sports/Clubs), and Leaders (Intramurals) to provide to students.  Point sheets are signed by adults and kept by students.  At the end of the week and/or month, Point Sheets are handed in to the classroom teacher who forwards the Point Sheets to the Principal at the end of each week (or month). 
NOTE: Student Point Sheets are filled in by students and signed by the staff member who is in charge of the particular activity/event/sport or by the classroom teacher (if a classroom event) in some instances.
Individual Points
Students have the opportunity to earn points for their house through a series of activities, events, participation in co-curricular activities and good deeds, with the winning house ultimately receiving a trophy at the end of the year.  Houses may accumulate points through events and competitions such Husky Sports Days, Husky Fun Day, Carnaval, Talent Show, and other friendly competitions. House achievement will be celebrated at our monthly assembly when a House Standings will be noted and at the Principal’s discretion some incentives may be provided.  The goal of this activity is to give focus and motivation to students both as individuals and a collective and encourage positive behavior and engagement in the culture and spirit of the school.  Here is how it works:
House Points are awarded to each student for the following (These are merely examples of some point possibilities):
  • Participation in School Lunches
  • Participation in purchase of House Shirt
  • Participation in School Nights (i.e., Bingo Night)
  • School Team Sports or Club: Try
  • Co-curricular or Intramural Sports or Clubs
  • Coaching a school team
  • Teacher Points – Classroom Comportment
  • Hosting Virtue/Rosary Gathering of Faith Assembly 
  • Participation in Epiphany Fundraisers
  • “Gotcha - Caught you doing good” - Gotcha tickets are given to students by the principal and students can place a “Gotcha Ticket” in the “Gotcha box” in the Office – 5 Points/week
  • Points for significant one-time contribution 
  • Points for significant long-term contribuion 
  • Points for exemplary contribution of significance
  • Principal's Notation
  • Principal's Final Day Albus Points
Office Tally Sheet:
The Principal tallies all points from the Student Point Sheets and all other Point Sheets from teachers, coaches, leaders, and House Mentor Leaders.
Staff Tally Sheet:
Points by Coaches and Club Leaders: Student Point Sheets are signed at the end of the Sport or Club
Points by Teachers: Student Point Sheets are signed for students at the teachers' discretion
Points by House Mentor Leader: Student Point Sheets are signed at discretion of the House Mentor Leader
Points (Principal) Points are added at the end of every week
Points (“Gotcha”) Principal tallies at the end of each week or month.
Points (Special events -Talent Show, Play Day, etc) – Student Point Sheets signed at the end of event by staff member in charge