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Toronto Catholic District School Board

The House Team Members

The House team will consist of:

  • House Mentor Leaders (Staff Members), who ensure that all House activities are organized well.
  • House Captains (2-Grade 8 students) who show leadership and guidance
  • All students from JK - Gr.8 will be assigned into a particular House
House-Wide Gatherings and Meetings
The purpose is for all four Houses to congregate in a common area for friendly competition, meeting, announcements, presentations, shows, and as a community. The individual houses use this time to interact with one another, to build community, teamwork, have fun, share experiences, and participate in activities demonstrating good sportsmanship.
Individual House Gatherings and Meetings
The purpose of this is to come together as individual house to get to know one another, collect and distribute information and point sheets, plan House events for the school, and meet to discuss matters that need attention (i.e., fundraising issues, planning an event/activity, or dealing with a concern).
House Husky Sporting Dayshusky logo attachmt 2.bmp
Term 1 (September to January) … Two Houses get together to plan a day of Activities that all students engage in (i.e., Four Events to choose from and all students/staff choose to partake in one)
Term 2 (February to June) … Two Houses get together to plan a day of Activities that all students engage in (i.e., Four Events to choose from and all students/staff choose to partake in one)
Principal’s Challenge: At any time during the year there will be a number of “challenges” for students and Houses to participate in for a particular purpose (and House Points will be earned).
End of Year Awards: The House Cup
In June, during the final Virtue/Rosary Gathering of the year, we will have an award ceremony to award the Epiphany House Cup to the House with the most accumulated points over the year.
Winning House: The house with the most accumulated points for the year wins a FREE PIZZA LUNCH and is awarded the Epiphany House Cup with a plaque stating they are the winners.

The School Pledgeepiphany logo attachment 1.jpg

I pledge today and every day to do my best in all I do.
I promise to do good because it’s good to do.
I will respect myself, respect others, and respect God.
I will treat others the way I want to be treated,
    because we all belong to God’s family.
I am here to learn all I can, to try my best, and be all I am.
I know that life is work – and I will work in all I do to be all I can!
Husky Pride … “Gotcha doing good”                     
We honour students whom have been caught demonstrating Husky Pride – Throughout the month, people submit names of students (in a drop box in the Office) in an anonymous manner and write why this person stood out.  There is no prize ... There is no award and there is not even a certificate of any kind - Nothing of the sort! There’s only one thing that comes with the Gotcha Programme - The knowledge that somebody has done something good that someone noticed – and that’s called “Doing good, because it’s good to do!”