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Toronto Catholic District School Board

About the Husky
The Husky is free-spirited, good-natured, veryhuskie blue2.png
playful, athletic, and agile. The Husky loves the great outdoors and requires vigorous exercise, especially in cool weather.
The husky loves to go running every day, always, for he is independent and born to run. If something catches his interest, he'll be gone.
Teaching him to work as a team to accomplish a task gives the husky a purpose in life.  Without such rigorous exercise, mental activity, and lots of companionship, the husky can be incredibly, destructive and get in trouble. The Husky is inclined to use his intelligence in clever and very innovative ways.  This is why we are the Epiphany Huskies!
The School Pledge husky print.jpg 
I pledge today and every day to do my best in all I do.

I promise to do good because it’s good to do.


I will respect myself, respect others, and respect God.


I will treat others the way I want to be treated, because we all belong to God’s family.


I am here to learn all I can, to try my best, and be all I am.

I know that life is work – and I will work in all I do to be all I can!
The Epiphany House System:house cup.png
All members of Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy, (staff and students) are members of one of the the four Epiphany Houses:  Gaspar, Melchior, Balthazar, and Artaban.
These individuals remain in the same House throughout their time at the school. Siblings are always placed in the same House, unless their parents specifically request otherwise.
The House system is aimed at building relationships which transcend grade boundaries, and encouraging team spirit. Each term, two Houses will be encouraged to work together to organize a community outreach project, aimed at raising either awareness of or funds for a local charity.
Also, each term, we  will celebrate House Activity Day – Each House arranges an active trip and all students and staff sign up for one of the activities (i.e., wall climbing, bowling, skiing, snow tubing, swimming, skating, CN Tower, Science Centre, curling, golfing, roller skating, etc.) –These days are intended to be a fun day for everyone as we enjoy the best a Toronto has to offer together as a community of friends.
The House system rewards extra effort in non-academic areas (i.e., Gotcha Program) and House Points are tallied and reported to students on a monthly basis. Each term, there is a special Casual Day for the winning House, when students in that House may come to school in "casual” clothes. At the end of the year, the overall winning House is presented with the highly-contested Epiphany House Cup.
For more information about The Epiphany House system, click this link:
Husky Pride  husky print.jpg
"Gotcha Doing Good"   
Every month, we will honour students whom have been
caught husky pride.jpgdemonstrating Husky Pride – Throughout the month, people submit names of students (in a drop box in the Office) in an anonymous manner and write why this person stood out. 
There is no prize ... There is no award and there
is not even a certificate of any kind - Nothing of the sort! There’s only one thing that comes with the Gotcha Programme - The knowledge that somebody has done something good that someone noticed – and that’s Doing good because it’s good to do!