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Class Newsletters & Updates 2014-2015

Early Learning Program (JK/SK) ... Ms. S. Tunzi

Kinders October Newsletter  2014.pdfKinders Newsletter 2014.pdf

November Newsletter 2014.pdfNovember Newsletter 2014.pdf

February 2015 Kindergarten Calendar and Newsletter.pdfFebruary 2015 Kindergarten Calendar and Newsletter.pdf

March 2015 Calendar February's Newsletter.pdfMarch 2015 Calendar February's Newsletter.pdf

Kinders May Newsletter 2015.pdfKinders May Newsletter 2015.pdf


Grade 1/2 ... Ms. J. Lamanna-Piccione

September 2014 Newsletter.pdfSeptember 2014 Newsletter.pdf

G1-2 October Newsletter 2014.pdfOctober 2014 Newsletter.pdf

November Newsletter G1-2.pdfNovember 2014 Newsletter.pdf

December newsletter 2014.pdfDecember 2014 Newsletter.pdf

January Gr -2 newsletter 2014.pdfJanuary 2015 Newsletter.pdf

Gr 1-2 March Newsletter 2015.pdfGr 1-2 March Newsletter 2015.pdf


Grade 2/3 ... Ms. K. Colaco

Curriculum Night Gr 2-3.pdfCurriculum Night Gr 2-3.pdf

Thanksgiving Newsletter.pdfThanksgiving Newsletter.pdf

November Newsletter g2-3.pdfNovember Newsletter Gr 2-3.pdf

G 2-3 Winter Newsletter 2015.pdfWinter Newsletter 2015.pdf

Gr 2-3 February Newsletter.pdfGr 2-3 February Newsletter.pdf

April newsletter 2015.pdfApril newsletter 2015.pdf


Grade 3/4 ... Ms. D. Wojnowski

Newsletter-sept 2014-gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter-sept 2014.pdf

newsletter- Oct 2014- gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter- Oct 2014.pdf

letter-nov 2014.pdfNewsletter-Nov 2014.pdf

newsletter-Dec 2014-gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter-Dec 2014.pdf

February newsletter 2015 - gr 3-4.pdfFebruary Newsletter 2015 - gr 3-4.pdf

Gr 3-4 newsletter-March 2015.pdfGr 3-4 Newsletter-March 2015.pdf


Grade 5/6 ... Ms. J. Holownia

Contact the teacher.


Grade 6/7 ... Ms. A. DeMarco

Contact the teacher or Ms. DeMarco uses TWITTER to document most of what goes on in the classroom.  Students also access the information via TWITTER.  You can contact Ms. DeMarco via her TWITTER account at @msademarco.


Grade 8 ... Ms. A. Nip

For more detailed information of what's going on in the classroom, assignments, and class newsletters, please visit the class Edmodo site ... Contact Ms. Nip for passwords.




Class Newsletters & Other Items 2013-2014


JK/SK - ELP ... Mrs. Tunzi & Ms. Stewart


September 2013.pdfSeptember Calendar 

September Newsletter.pdfSeptember Newsletter

02 - October Newsletter.pdfOctober Newsletter

03 - November 2013.pdfNovember Calendar

November Newsletter.pdfNovember Newsletter.pdf

December Calendar.pdfDecember Calendar.pdf

Kindergarten December Newsletter.pdfDecember / January Newsletter.pdf

Kinders Newsletter January 2014.pdfKinders Newsletter January 2014.pdf

February Newsletter 2014.pdfKinders Newsletter February 2014.pdf

Kindergarten-March Newsletter.pdfKindergarten Newsletter March.pdf

Kinders Newsletter April 2014.pdfKinders Newsletter April 2014.pdf


Grade 1/2 ... Mrs. Lamanna-Piccione


october newsletter 2013.pdfOctober Newsletter 2013.pdf

G1-2 November newsletter 2013.pdfNovember Newsletter 2013.pdf 

Gr 1-2 December newsletter 2013.pdfDecember Newsletter 2013.pdf

January newsletter 2014.pdfJanuary Newsletter 2014.pdf

February LP Newsletter 2014.pdfFebruary Newsletter 2014.pdf

March LP Newsletter 2014.pdfMarch Newsletter 2014.pdf

 May 2014 Newsletter.pdfMay 2014 Newsletter.pdf


Grade 2/3 ... Mrs. Caligiuri-Pearce (Sep.- Dec.) / Ms. Do Alamo (Jan. - June)


Pearce 2013 September newsletter.pdfSeptember 2013 Newsletter.pdf

2013 November class newsletter - Pearce.pdfNovember 2013 Newsletter.pdf

January Newsletter.pdfJanuary 2014 Newsletter.pdf

February G23 Newsletter.pdfFebruary 2014 Newsletter.pdf


Grade 3/4 ... Mrs. Wojnowski


G3-4 newsletter-May 2014-gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter-May 2014.pdf

Newsletter-April 2014-gr3-4.pdfNewsletter-April 2014.pdf

Newsletter-March 2014-gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter-March 2014.pdf

newsletter-Feb 2014-gr3-4.pdfNewsletter February 2014.pdf

newsletter-Jan 2014-gr3-4.pdfNewsletter January 2014.pdf

newsletter-Dec 3013-gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter December 2013.pdf

letter-nov 2013.pdfLetter November 2013.pdf

Newsletter- Oct 2013 Gr 3-4b.pdfNewsletter October 2013.pdf

Sept Newsletter Gr 3-4.pdfNewsletter September 2013.pdf


Grade 5/6 ... Ms. Holownia


October Newsletter Grade 5 6.pdfOctober Newsletter.pdf

September Newsletter Grade 5 6.pdfSeptember Newsletter.pdf


HOLOMICS 2014 (Bitstripsforschools) ... If you want to see the comics bitstrips5.bmp
created by students in Ms. Holownia's class, click the title above, or the link below, or even the picture on the right of this writing and you can view all their creations


Grade 7 ... Mrs. Thomas


For detailed information of what's going on in the classroom, newsletters, and assignments, please visit the class Edmodo site

Spring Newsletter 2014.pdfSpring Newsletter 2014.pdf

december2013newsletter.pdfDecember 2013 Newsletter.pdf

Thomas SepOc2013newsletter.pdfSep & Oct 2013 Newsletter.pdf

Thomas edmodo2013.pdfThomas Edmodo2013.pdf


Grade 8 ... Ms. Nip

For more detailed information of what's going on in the classroom, assignments, and class newsletters, please visit the class Edmodo site


Gr8 Jan News.pdfGr8 January News.pdf

study tips.pdfStudy tips and Learning Skills for November.pdf

octnews.pdfOctober News.pdf

Gr8SeptNews.pdfSeptember Newsletter.pdf

edmodo 101.pdfEdmodo 101.pdf 

videopermission.pdfVideo Permission.pdf




Class Newsletters & Other Items 2012-2013


Early Learning Program (Ms. DoAlamo, Ms. Tunzi, and Ms. Dornetta)


October Newsletter 2012.pdfOctober Newsletter 2012.pdf


Kindergarten Newsletter - November.pdfKindergarten Newsletter - November.pdf 

Kindergarten Calendar - February.pdfKindergarten Calendar - February.pdf

Kindergarten Newsletter - March.pdfKindergarten Newsletter - March.pdf

Kindergarten Calendar - April.pdfKindergarten Calendar - April.pdf

Kindergarten Newsletter - April.pdfKindergarten Newsletter - April.pdf

Kindergarten Calendar - May.pdfKindergarten Calendar - May.pdf

Kindergarten Newsletter - June.pdfKindergarten Newsletter - June.pdf

Grade 1 (Ms. Lamanna)


September Highlights 2012-2013.pdfSeptember Highlights 2012-2013.pdf

October Highlights 2012-2013.pdfOctober Highlights 2012-2013.pdf

Gr 1 November Highlights.pdfNovember Highlights.pdf

Gr 1 December Highlights.pdfDecember Highlights.pdf

 January Highlights.pdfJanuary Highlights.pdf

February Highlights Gr 1.pdfFebruary Highlights.pdf

March Highlights.pdfMarch Highlights.pdf


Grade 2/3 (Ms. Wagner)


October newsletter.pdfOctober newsletter.pdf

Wagner November Newsletter.pdfNovember Newsletter.pdf

December Newsletter_Wagner.pdfDecember Newsletter.pdf

Ms Wagner Newsletter January.pdfJanuary 2013 Newsletter.pdf

February Newsletter 2013.pdfFebruary Newsletter 2013.pdf

Wagner March Newsletter.pdfMarch Newsletter.pdf

Wagner April Newsletter.pdfApril Newsletter.pdf

June Newsletter g23.pdfJune Newsletter.pdf


Grade 3/4 (Ms. Sala)


Sala - November Newsletter.pdfSala - November Newsletter.pdf

Sala December Newsletter.pdfSala December Newsletter.pdf

Sala - March Newsletter.pdfSala - March Newsletter.pdf

​​  ​

Grade 5/6 (Ms. Holownia)


Gr 5 and 6 October Newsletter.pdfGr 5 and 6 October Newsletter.pdf

Ms. Holownia's class will be working with EDMODO for the remaining months ... contact the teacher for passwords


Grade 6/7 (Ms. Thomas)


Thomas Nov  and Dec Newsletter.pdfThomas Nov and Dec Newsletter.pdf

Ms. Thomas's class will be working with EDMODO for the remaining months ... contact the teacher for passwords


Grade 7/8 (Ms. Nip) 

Ms. Nip's class will be working with EDMODO for the remaining months ... contact the teacher for passwords