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2015-2016 ... Another Year to Create Memories

For up-to-the-minute details and/or any changes, please see our Monthly Newsletter
For lunch days, see the Lunch Schedule on other pages. 
HOUSE CHALLENGE #1: Terry Fox Walk/Run
Donations are tabulated by House and the winning House gets 200 points [50, 25, 25]
[All money donations are due by Oct. 9th]
Sep. 24     - Monthly School Mass @ 1:15PM at Epiphany Parish
Sep. 24     - School Photo Day @ 9:30AM in the Gym
Sep. 29     - Curriculum Night @ 6:00PM in the Gym and Classrooms
Sep. 30     - Terry Fox Walk/Run @ 1:30PM in the community  
HOUSE CHALLENGE #2: Food Drive for Halloween ... Beginning Oct. 19
Donations are tabulated by House and the winning House gets 200 points [50, 25, 25]
[The last day to donate can/dry food item is Oct. 30th]
Wed. Oct. 7    - Libermann High School Visit with Gr.8 students @ 10:00AM
Mon. Oct. 12  - Thanksgiving [No School]
Oct. 16            - CROSS COUNTRY MEET @ Morningside Park … Go Epiphany Go
Oct. 19        - Food Drive Begins ... Until Oct.30
Oct.21             - Cross Country Meet (Regional) @ Morningside Park
Oct. 21            - Gr.8 High School Information Visit (Mary Ward CHS) @ 10:00AM
Parent Involvement Week at Epiphany
Oct. 26, 27, 28      - Happy Halloweek Events:
                                   **House Scavenger Hunt (Tue-Pumpkins, Wed-Ghosts, Thu-Witches)**
Oct. 27                   - Epiphany Pajama Halloween Movie Night: hotel Transylvania
                                     Tickets available at the Office ... Doors open @6:00PM
Oct. 28                   - Virtue/Rosary Gathering of Faith [Hospitality and Gratitude] @ 11:00AM
Oct. 29                   - Monthly School Family Mass @1:15PM
Oct. 30                   - Halloween Dance and Haunted House
Nov. 1                    - Daylight Savings Time Ends [Fall Back … turn clocks back 1 hr.]
Nov. 9                    - Progress Report Cards go home
Nov. 11                  - Virtue/Rosary Gathering of Faith [Peace: Remembrance Day] @ 11:00AM in the Gym 
Nov. 12                  - Interviews 6:00 – 8:00PM
Nov. 13                  - P.A. Day / Interviews 9:00 – 11:00AM
Nov. 16                  - Mary Ward Science Day [Biology]
Nov. 17                  - Photo Retake / Staff Photo at 8:45AM
Nov. 23                  - Kick off of School Chocolate Fundraiser … Assembly date/time? TBD
Nov. 26                  - Monthly School Family Mass @ 1:15PM
Nov. 30                  - Santa Photo Day / Chocolate Fundraiser Kick-off Assembly @ 2:30PM
Nov. 30                  - Chocolates go home this week … Final Date: January 8th, 2016
HOUSE CHALLENGE #3: Christmas Chocolate School Fundraiser
Donations are tabulated by House and the winning House gets 250 points [150, 75, 50]
[All money due by Jan. 5th]

Dec. 4                    - Pizza Day

Dec. 4                    - Firefighter visiting Gr. 1/2 Class @ 9:30AM

Dec. 11                  - Pizza Day

Dec. 14                  - CSPC Meeting @ 6:00PM

Dec. 16                  - Epiphany Movie Day @ Fairview Mall

Dec. 17                  - Monthly School Mass @ 1:15PM

Dec. 17                  - Virtue/Rosary Gathering of Faith @ 2:30PM

Dec. 17                  - Christmas/Advent Concert @ 5:30PM

Dec. 18                  - Epiphany Skiing Day @ Snow Valley [Gr. 4 - 8] ... Postponed to Feb. 26

Dec. 18                  - Pasta Day (Mac & Cheese)

Dec. 18                  - Last day of school before Christmas Break  [Dec. 21 - Jan. 1]

Jan. 4               - Back to school
Jan. 5               - All Chocolate Money is due in the OFFICE
Jan. 12             - Toronto Police Presentations
2 - Earth Rangers Presentation (Gr. 4/5)
5 - Spring Roll Lunch Day
10 - Dairy Farmers Presentation (Primary Classes)
     - Civvies Day (TCDSB schools)
     - Mass @ 1:15pm
11 - Interviews (5:00-7:00pm)
12 - P.A. Day
     - Interviews (9:00-11:00am)
15 - Family Day (No School)
17 - Scientists in School
19 - Pizza Day Lunch
23 - Swim to Survive Program - Day #1
24 - Pink Shirt Day
26 - Patty Lunch Day
     - Ski Trip #2
1 - Swim to Survive Program - Day #2
2 - Virtue/Rosary Celebration @ 2:45pm
8 - Swim to Survive Program - Day #3
11 - Pizza Lunch Day
14-18 March Spring Break
23 - Paraliturgical Celebration @ 2:45 pm
25 - Good Friday (No School)
27 - Easter
28 - Easter Monday (No School)  
House Challenge ... Bring in your old/drained batteries for HOUSE POINTS
1 - Pizza Lunch Day
6 - Mary Ward Science Day (K-8)
8 - Pizza Lunch Day
13 - International Pink Shirt Day
15 - P.A. Day
11-14 - TCDSB Music Festival Week #1 @ Epiphany
18-21 - TCDSB Music Festival Week #2 @ Epiphany
22 - Pizza Lunch Day
25 - House Shirts delivered to all who ordered
25 - YMCA Special Presentation (Gambling)
28 - Paraliturgical Celebration @ 2:45pm
29 - Mr. Sub Day Lunch ... Wear House Shirts for bonus points
Education Week: May 1-6 (Province)
Epiphany Education Week Festivities: May 9 - 13
6 - Pizza / Milkshake Day Lunch
9 - Education Week Special Event: Science Presentation (K-5)
10 - Education Week Special Event: Police Presentation & Car Tour (K-8)
11 - Education Week Special Event: House Bowling Day Excursion (K-8)
12 - Education Week Special Event: The NED Show Presentation (K-8)
        Check out what NED is all about: (click the link)
13 - Toronto Fire Dept. Visit & Truck Tour
From MPP (Soo Wong)
13 - Education Week Special Event: Fire Dept. Presentation & Fire Truck (K-5)
     - Pizza / Milkshake Day Lunch
     - Track & Field Day (St. John Paul II Catholic High School)
20 - Pizza / Milkshake Day Lunch
JUNE 2016
Stay Tuned for: 
Epiphany FunDay Events, Epiphany BBQ, Epiphany Talent Show, SK Graduation Day, Grade 8 Grad Trip (CN Tower, Centreville, Ripley's Aquarium)
3 - Pizza / Milkshake Day Lunch
6 - Milkshake Monday #1
7 - Junior Achievement (Gr. 7 ... Dollars with Sense)
10 - P. A. Day (No School)
17 - Pizza / Milkshake Day Lunch
20 - Milkshake Monday #2
21 - SK Graduation @ 2:00PM in the Gym
21 - Gr. 8 Trip to Centre Island
22 - Talent Show & House Cup Ceremony in the afternoon (approx. @ 1:15PM)
23 - Gr. 8 Luncheon (Details available from Mr. Rodrigues)
24 - Graduation Day Events:
       @ 1:00PM ... Family Graduation Mass at Epiphany Parish
       @ 2:30 PM ... Virtue School Graduation Celebration in the School Gym
       @ 5:30PM ... Diploma, Honours, and Awards in the School Gym
24 - Mr. Sub Day Lunch / Milkshake Day Lunch
27 - Milkshake Day #3
28 - Fun Day (Play Day) in the Morning & BBQ Lunch for all students (at lunch)
29 - Red & White Day: O Canada is sung at 9:30AM in the Gym (Celebrating Canada Day)
29 - Last Day of School for Students
30 - P.A. Day
June 2015
Jun 26 - P.A. Day (No School)
Jun 25 - School O Canada Recording in the Gym @ 9:30AM
            - Pizza / Milkshake Day
            - Last day of school ... Dismissal is regular time @ 3:30PM
Jun 24 - Epiphany Houses Movie Day
            - Report Card goes home with each student
Jun 23 - Husky Fun Day (AM) & BBQ (PM 
Jun 22 - Senior Kindergarten Grad @ 1:45PM at Epiphany Gym
Jun 19 - Graduation Mass @ 5:30PM at Epiphany Parish 
            - Diploma/Awards @ 6:30 PM at Epiphany Gym
            - Grad Dinner Reception @ 8:00PM
Jun 19 - Pizza Day / Milkshake Day
Jun 18 - Mass @ 1:15PM
Jun 18 - Gathering of Faith (Flower Day) / Rosary / House Assembly @ 11:00AM
Jun 15, 16 - JK Interviews for 2015-2016
Jun 12 - Pizza / Milkshake Day 
Jun 12 - Talent Show
Jun 5 - P.A. Day
School Sports:
Soccer - Boys (June 2nd); Girls (June 3rd)
May 29 - Hot Dog / Milkshake Day/
             - Heart & Stroke Challenge (Skip and B-ball) - Charity Fundraiser 
May 15 - CSPC Special Water Bottle Offer Pizza / Milkshake Day
May 14 - Gathering of Faith (Compassion) / Rosary assembly @ 11:15AM
May 8 - reBoot Special Pizza / Milkshake Day
May 2 - 8 - Catholic Education Week:
  2 - First Holy Communion at 1:00PM @ Epiphany Parish
  3 - Confirmation Mass at 3:00PM @ Epiphany Parish
  4 - Music Monday; Welcome to Kindergarten
  5 - Spring Concert Evening of Food and Music @ 6:00PM (Leave your walllets at home)
  6 - Aussie X Day for Kids (JK-Gr.8)
  8 - Assembly of Thanks for reBoot and ERS @ 11:00AM 
     - Mothers' Day Special Gifts go home
     - Last Day to bring your electronics waste for recycling
May 1 - Mothers' Day "Secret Gift" Letter goes home (Contribution of $5 per family) 
School Sports:
Track & Field - May 12 (Division); 19 (Region); 26 (City)
Intramural Sports: 
May 6 - Aussie X Workshop for all grades (JK/SK- modified "Hoop Ball"; Gr. 1-3 "Hoop Ball"; Gr.4-8 "Footy")
Apr. 30 - Swim to Survive Lessons (Gr. 3/4 Class)
Apr. 27 to May 1 - Teen Ranch Outdoor Education Centre for Gr. 8
Apr. 24 - Pasta Day 
Apr. 22 - Earth Day
Lights Out
Celebrate the 10th annual Lights Out Canada on April 22nd
Join over a hundred thousand students, teachers and administrators in turning out the lights and switching on education about climate change across Canada on April 22, 2015.

Rick Mercer’s Video

Another neat and informative video:
Apr. 22 - Gr. 5/6 and 6/7 Classes go to Chester Le Community Centre to clean the community
Apr. 20, 21 - Music Festival in the Gym (Hosting for TCDSB)
Apr. 16 - Mass @ 1:15PM
Apr. 16 - Gathering of Faith (Justice) / Rosary assembly @ 11:15AM
Apr. 13 - W5H Tournament 
Apr. 10 - Mr. Submarine Day
Apr. 8, 9 - Music Festival in the Gym (Hosting for TCDSB)
Apr. 8 - PRO Grant Literacy Night at Senator O'Connor (An Evening for Parents and Kids)

Interactive Family Literacy Event 

All are welcome to participate in the PRO Partnership Interactive Family Literacy Event.  This will be hosted by 15 elementary schools.
Location: Senator O'Connor College School, 60 Rowena Drive, North York
Date: April 8, 2015
This event is a "jump start" to Literacy for grades JK - 3 and will feature workshops by Young People's Theatre as well as interactive activities that will assist parents to work with their children at home to improve academic achievement in school.
For more information, see the attached Literacy Flyer: PRO Literacy.pdfPRO Literacy.pdf
For those families that wish to register online the link is:
PRO Literacy2.jpg

Apr. 6 - Easter Monday (No School)
Apr. 3 - Good Friday (No School)
Apr. 1 - The First House Assembly
Apr. 1 - The School Monthly Newsletter goes totally Digital (Hard copies sent home only to families without Internet access / upon request)
School Sports:
Girls' (Apr. 23) and Boys' (Apr. 21) Junior Volleyball Tournaments
Mar. 28 - Earth Hour (8:30-9:30PM) at home
Mar. 27 - Earth Day ... Lights out (where possible) all day at school
Mar. 27 -  Pizza Day (Order forms go home on March 24)
Mar. 24 - Epiphany Houses Infoormation goes home to parents
Mar. 24 -  House T-Shirt order form goes home (Due back by Mar. 30)
Mar. 16 - 20 - The Mid Winter Break (March Break)
Mar. 13 - Skiing Day #3 - Depart @ 9:00AM and Return @ 6:00PM
Mar. 13 - Pizza Day
Mar. 12 - Mass at 1:15PM
Mar. 12 - Gathering of Faith (Forgiveness) / Rosary assembly @ 11:15AM
Mar. 6 - Hot Dog Day
School Sports:
Intramural Sports: 
Colangelo Indoor Soccer continues throughout the month on a daily basis for Intermediate students during AM and PM recesses
Feb. 27 - Spirit Wear (Round 2) - Orders are due today (Delivery for March)
Feb. 27 - Patty Day -  Celebration of African Canadian Month
Feb. 25 - Gathering of Faith (Love) / Rosary Assembly at 11:15AM & Pink Shirt Day
Watch the CBC story featuring Epiphany ... click the link below to watch:
Bullying has been a problem in schools and many adults today also note being bullied when they were in school.  Bullying, in many forms also occurs in workplaces, homes, and especially over the Internet.  Throughout the year, we will continue to help raise awareness on these issues.  We’re going to emphasize what it is we’re doing that makes our school a safe and healthy environment.
On February 25, 2015, all our students will be encouraged to wear a Pink Virtue T-Shirt to symbolize that we as a school and the future adults of this country will not tolerate bullying anywhere.
At Epiphany, as a Catholic school community our focus is always on aspiring to be a caring, welcoming, and inclusive community where each individual is valued and well respected.
With initiatives as noted below, we believe that staff, parents, and students will be better able to respond to difficult situations that may arise both in school and in the community.  We believe that our everyday practices will continue to help each individual in the Epiphany community to prevent bullying and build positive relationships through modeling and peer mentorship.
Some initiatives and common practices:
- Gotcha Programme … “Gotcha Doing Good” – Do good because it’s good to do!
- Monthly Newsletter … Explicit reminders about:
         “We all Belong”, “Respect God; Respect Others; Respect Self”
- Rigor, Growth Mindset & Essential Survival Skills (Work Habits)
- Epiphany Website to keep everyone in the loop and a consistent message
- Student Voice and Parent Voice – All opinions, views, and ideas are respected and valued
- Partnerships with community members, Trustee, Superintendant, are sought and most welcome – We are part of a global village and it takes a village
- Monthly Virtue Gatherings/Assemblies
- Creation of House System
- Epiphany Website
- Parent-Student Handbook for all families ... Great collaboration & input from all
- Signage outside ... make you think and act with purpose
Feb. 19 - Spring Roll Day - Celebration of Chinese New Year (Ram/Goat)
Feb. 18 - Ash Wednesday Mass/Ashes @ Epiphany Parish @ 9:30 AM
Feb. 17 - Pancake Tuesday Morning Meal (Pancakes and Fruit) @ 10:00AM
Feb. 16 - Family Day (No School)
Feb. 13 - P.A. Day(No School) - Interviews for Parents-Teachers-Students from 9:00-11:00AM
Feb. 12 - Evening Interviews for Parents-Students-Teachers from 6:00-8:00PM
Feb. 12 - Angel Foundation for Learning Fundraiser (Civvies Day) ... $2 donation and Valentine's Dance in the afternoon - Introduction to Epiphany Houses to Students
Feb. 10 - Interactive Math Night @ Mary Ward CHS @ 6:30PM

Math Literacy Interactive at MW.jpg 



Feb. 10 - Report Cards go home with all students


Feb. 6 - Mr. Submarine Day


School Sports:

Girls' (Feb. 11) and Boys' (Feb. 10) Basketball Tournaments


Intramural Sports: 

Colangelo Indoor Soccer continues throughout the month on a daily basis for Junior students during AM and PM recesses


Husky Wear Goes on Sale:
  • Fleece Jackets (Blue, Red, Black) with Epiphany logo (small left side) 
  • Hoodies (Blue, Red) with Husky logo (small left side)

        See December 2014 Newsletter for details.


Jan. 30 - Pizza Day


Jan. 28-30 - Claremont Outdoor Education Centre for Gr. 6 and 7 Students


Jan. 23 - P.A. Day (No School)


Jan. 21 - Sarament of Reconciliation at Epiphany Parish @ 7:30PM


Jan. 16 - Pizza Day


Jan. 9 - Ski Day #2 ... Depart at 9:30 & Return at 6:00PM


Jan. 6 - Gr. 6 and 7 Parents' Meeting (Claremont) @ 6:00PM in the Student Computer Lounge


Jan. 6 - Mass of the Epiphany @ 1:15PM
Jan. 6 - Back to School (Return from Christmas Break)
xmas concert2015.jpg
 Christmas Sale Now.jpg
Nov. 27 - Santa Claus Photo Day @ 9:15AM
Remembrance Day Ceremony & Guest Speaker
Tue. Nov. 11 @ Epiphany in the Gym ... starting at 10:45AM
Sat. Nov. 8 @ CEC ... See poster below for details 
ss fair.jpg




Fri. Oct. 31 @ Epiphany ... See poster below for details
We Scare Hunger.jpg

þ Chocolate Fundraiser Kick-Off Day (Fri. Oct. 10 @ 2:30PM) in the Gym

          Click here for more info
þ Community BBQ PRO PARTNERSHIP Fun Day (Sat. Oct. 4 @ 10:30AM)
This is a BIG community event ... Join us Oct. 4th at St. Sylvester's Catholic School (260 Silver Springs Blvd.)
þ  "Meet the Teacher" Night - Tuesday September 30th @ 6:30 - 7:30 PM
þ  CSAC - First Meeting - Monday September 29th @ 6:30 PM
þ The Terry Fox Run/Walk - Friday September 26th @ 9:30 AM ... We're hoping to raise at least $2 per student ... and we did it! - We raised $300 - Fantastic!!
Terry Fox Run/Walk ... working together to outrun cancer
Epiphany of Our Lord Catholic Academy students will once again be taking part in the Terry Fox Run/Walk this year.
We walked the Terry Fox Run/Walk in 2013 and together we raised over $500 – This year we hope to do the same and we’re asking for your support for this worthy charity event.
We are certain that you know a family member, a friend, or work colleague who has been afflicted by this disease.  So, we ask if you could support us in our efforts to support those all around us. This year, in the third year of our pastoral plan (The Year of Charity), “Team Epiphany” , who are 175+ people strong (students, staff, parents, and friends), are all walking for a truly worthy cause. 
To donate: 
(a) Your child will receive a pledge sheet (fill in and return to school with a donation). Tax receipts are mailed out in February 2015.
(b) Easier and Faster (done in 5 minutes): You can donate Online - The link above at TEAM EPIPHANY or the link below will both direct you to the Epiphany’s Terry Fox web page.  Your donation would be greatly appreciated (Tax receipts are emailed to you within 30 minutes of completing your donation):
A Challenge:  We would also like to invite those who live in the Epiphany Community to walk with us on Wednesday September 24th at 9:30AM. 
For those parents/family members who join us on the walk, the school will gladly donate an additional $10 per person to the Terry Fox Foundation.
þ  Photo Day - Wednesday September 24th (AM)
þ  First Day of School (Meet & Greet Families)
     Tue. Sep. 2nd @ 9:00 am in the school yard and Gym



                             Wednesday June 25th



                    Come join us on ... 
Wed. June 25th, 2014
Scheduled Events:
  9:30  to 11:30 ... Play Day
11:30  to   1:00 ... Family BBQ Lunch
  1:15  to   1:45 ... Gathering of Faith Assembly
                                (Flower Day)
  1:45  to   3:00 ... Epiphany Talent Show
  3:10  to   3:30 ... Students Receive Report Card



Spring Concert ... Thu. May 29th @ 6:00PM (Doors open @ 5:30) 

The Magical Epiphany Tour 2014

Join us for a night of music, memories, and fun.  The night starts off with our Primary students singing a few of the classics.  Then, our Intermediate Strings Band will accompany a live band in some amazing songs we all know and love!

Audience participation is undeniably possible and definitely welcomed.  So, come out and rejoice 50 years of Beatles music.  There will be CSAC Charity Raffles, food, and incredible music!

The evening is capped off with a walk down memory lane, featuring the music of The Beatles from a group of local boys, The British Invasion ... These guys will take you back to your childhood ... okay, maybe it will take you back to your grandparents' childhood, but it will be amazing!  

This is family fun for all ages!

Ticket order form, click link ... Ticket order form Beatles Night.pdfTicket order form Beatles Night.pdf

As an added bonus, any student who orders tickets for our Spring Concert (May 29th) before May 2nd, will get a FREE Pizza Lunch (a slice and juice) on May 29th ... yep, that's right, FREE!!


 <<  Tickets are now SOLD OUT >> 


Doors open at 6:00PM ... Music and draws begin at 6:30pm

Raffles, Swarovski Jewellery Sale, Snack Shack Foods, Drinks, and Music for all ages.


Raffle Baskets include the following themes

Spa & Bath, Baking and Kitchen Plus, Craft & Stuff, Family Entertainment, BBQ Fun, Gardening at its Best, International Basket, Sports Plus, Food Galore, and much more!



This is an Epiphany and CSAC joint fundraiser, but remember it's first and foremost about FUN and COMMUNITY! So, come out to support your child's school and have a fun night out. 




Catholic Education Week 2014


“Catholic Education: Serving in the Love of Christ”
cath educ wk 2.jpg
Join us on Wednesday May 7th, 6:00PM-8:00PM for an evening celebrating the unique identity and distinctive contributions of Catholic education.


We have special guests and activities taking place that evening. See below for some of our events for the evening ... fun for the whole family ... Then, join us again on May 29th to cap the month off with a wonderful evening of music and fun!



Learn It!  Live It! Love It! For Life!
The above is the title of the TCDSB Health and Physical Education Conference we were invited to present at on January 31.  Of course they were talking about Health and Physical Fitness – a lifelong love we wish to inspire in every student.  We were lucky enough to hear Keynote speaker, Claire Carver-Diaz, Olympic Medalist in Synchronized Swimming at the Sydney Olympics, speak.  Her inspirational message was to remember 3 key things when teaching or coaching: 
 DrumFIT logo.jpg

1.     Take time to listen to the students you are working with
2.      Everybody has a backstory (even the kids who seem most together are dealing with something)
3.      As a coach or teacher it's okay to ask for help - everyone has their area of expertise and by asking for help you are modelling that you are not an expert on everything
She spoke of the power that coaches/teachers have on kids - kids tend to hide things and to not deal with some matters - so watch for this as best you can and be aware of how much your thoughts and actions influence theirs.  Sport was her outlet to let stress out.  She asked parents not to steer their kids in what they want them to do, but to listen to what the kids themselves want to do - and let them make decisions about that sport.
We believe that one of the beautiful things that happens with DrumFIT is that every individual is included  and everyone is allowed to express themselves in a way that they want to, based on their needs for that particular day.  It is an outlet for stress and to respond to the beauty and power of music .  Look for opportunities in every school day for each child to have this chance and know that we, as educators, are not the “experts” in our children’s learning experience , we are merely the facilitators.
Toronto Public Health




 YMCA Child Care Centre 


Toronto Police Services ... They are here for us!
Toronto Public Library ... Enjoy what the TPL has to offer ... free!
Toronto EMS ... Need I say more about these guys!
Toronto Fire Services ... You know how important they are!
toronto fire services.png 
Angel Foundation for Learning ... They make things possible in our school!
CSAC - Epiphany Parent Council ... Raffle Sales items!
Snack Shack (Nutrition Programme) ... Free food to keep you going!
Swarovski Jewellery Sale (Mrs. Harder) ... Ladies, tell your significant other!
Multicultural Day ... Feb. 20th (9:20AM - 1:00PM)


-Country Studies

-Crafts & Art Displays

-Black History Month Trivia

-Quiz Fair

-Games & Sports


-Food ... Free Lunch for all students!

Winter Carnaval Week ... Feb.10-14

-Feb.10 ... Pajama Day

-Feb.11 ... Pink Shirt Day/Cinderella Play

-Feb.12 ... Red & White Toque/Hat Day

-Feb.13 ... Skating & Hot Chocolate Day

-Feb.14 ... Valentine's Dance/Pizza Day


Pink Shirt Day

Bullying is a problem in our schools, workplaces, homes, and especially over the David Shepherd and Travis PriceInternet.  Throughout the year, we will be helping raise awareness on these issues and provide links, activities and some of the tools needed to be an upstander and not a bystander.  We’re going to emphasize what it is we’re doing that makes our school a safe and healthy environment.
On February 11, 2014, all our students will be encouraged to wear a Pink Virtue T-Shirt to symbolize that we as a school and the future adults of this country will not tolerate bullying anywhere. We wish we could take credit for this idea, but it comes from two incredible Nova Scotia high school students.

Chinese New Year Cultural Lunch

Friday Jan. 31st

Students ordered a pasta dish (spaghetti noodles with chicken, vegetables,and sauce ... All students received a fortune cookie and a red envelope with some money.

Normally Chinese families give red envelope of money, known as hongbao in Mandarin and laisee in Cantonese, of 100 yuan to thousands of yuan to children for good luck on the holiday.

This year is the Year of the Horse, which is said to bring prosperity and wealth. 


Captain Frank Merlo Memorial Christmas Concert ... DEC. 3, 2013                  

Captain Frank Merlo Memorial Christmas Concert Flyer 2013.pdfCaptain Frank Merlo Memorial Christmas Concert Flyer 2013.pdf
You are cordially invited to go to Cardinal McGuigan CSS to watch our students perform.  See the banner on the right ... download the information. 

We're stepping outside the school to be part of the arts scene in our city


Come enjoy a fantastic night of music!


DEC. 2, 2013:  Santa Claus Pictures Happening at Epiphany

Dear Families,merry-christmas.jpg


On Monday December 2nd, Santa will be visiting our school.  Photos will be taken (envelopes are coming home on November 14th.  Please make sure your child has the envelope on the day of the photo (Dec. 2nd) ... Santa Claus will be with us at Epiphany, like last year, from 1:00-2:00 pm.  Families photos are most welcome ... so come one and come all. 


Rembember, you guys loved it last year and for those who missed, you've got a chance now.

          Cost: 1 - 5x7= $10;  2 - 5x7=$12;  3 - 5x7=$15

Please remember, this is not a staff member dressed up ... This is a professional photo shoot. If he can make Mr. Masciarelli look good, imagine what he can do for you! 

Santa with our JK/SK students:

JKSK Santa Pix.JPG 


Twoonie Tuesday (Nov. 19)
To support humanitarian aid for the Philippines
Update (Nov. 16):  So far, we have raised $300 to support the Filipino people at this time of great need.  Thank you to everyone for your support!


Interviews:Thu. Nov. 14... 5:30-7:30PM

                    Fri. Nov. 15 ... 9:00-11:00 AM

BONUS: We have a supporter of the school, Mrs. Harder coming back on Thu. Night during interviews to sell her Swarovski jewellery for unbelievably low prices ... Come by to check it out too!  We will also have a small Loonie Twoonie Sale for the little ones.  All proceeds from our Loonie Twoonie Sale will go towards humanitarian aid for the Philippines in conjunction with Twoonie Tuesday (Nov. 19).  Thank you, in advance, for your support.


þ CSAC Fundraiser Wrap-Up Assembly in the Gym [Wed. Nov. 13 @ 2:30PM]

þ   Remembrance Day Dramatic Performance [Mon. Nov. 11 @ 1:15 PM

 Remember Day Poems.pdfRemember Day Poems.pdf

 Facts on Remembrance Day.pdfFacts on Remembrance Day.pdf

 A Message from Scarborough-Agincourt MPP, Soo Wong

A Pittance of Time (Bilingual Version)

Last Post (2:33)

The Last Post (1:45 - Australian Air Force) This is a beautiful version

How Do You Earn Your Desk? - Martha Cothren's Story

                    How Do You Earn Your Desks2.pdfHow Do You Earn Your Desks2.pdf


þ   CSAC Fundraiser: World's Finest Chocolates (see the Oct. Newsletter)



World's Finest Chocolates Parent Letter 2013 (2).pdfWorld's Finest Chocolates Parent Letter 2013.pdf 


þ   Halloween Dance-a-thon [Thu. Oct. 31@ 1:15PM to 3:15PM]

              Congrats everyone, we raised $200 ... Fabulous!


þ   CSAC - First Meeting - Monday September 30th @ 7:00 pm



þ The Terry Fox Walk - Friday September 27th @ 2:00 pm

                   All Donations are due by Oct. 4th ... THANK YOU!

                 We raised $500 ... FANTASTIC!


þ    Pizza and Milkshake Day - Friday September 27th


þ    "Meet the Teacher" Night - Tuesday September 24th @ 6:30 pm


þ  First Day of School (Meet & Greet Families) Tue. Sep. 3rd @ 9:00 am







Play Day & Family BBQ & Talent Show

    Come join us on ...bbq.jpg

    Thursday June 20th, 2013

Scheduled Events:

9:30 to 11:00 ... Play Day

11:30 to 1:00 ... Family BBQ & Mr. C Soccer Game

1:30 to 3:00 ... Talent Show 


‘That Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith, as you are being rooted and grounded in love.’ -Ephesians 3:17
Epiphany’s Education Night: A Night to Grow Together
Tuesday May 28th, 2013
6:00 – 8:00 pm
Catholic Education Week Message from the Director of Education and the Chair of the Board 2013 
 (May 5th to 10th, 2013)
Heart & Stroke Foundation Jump for Heart & Hoops Challenge 
April 30th 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm
The kids will be raising money for a worthy cause ... we'll be involved in JUMP ROPE activities and BASKETBALL activities.
Bingo Night ... Friday April 5th

 Easter Monday ... Mon. Apr. 1 (No School)

 Good Friday ... Fri. Mar. 29 (No School)


Lake St. George Outdoor Education Centre ... Mar. 20 to 22

March Break ... Mon. Mar. 11 to 15


Skiing Day at Snow Valley ... Fri. Mar. 8


Skating Day and Hot Chocolate ... Thu. Mar. 7 (Gr. 2-4)


Mansfield Outdoor Education Centre ... Mon. Feb. 25 to Fri. Mar.1


Skating Day and Hot Chocolate ... Thu. Feb. 21 (Gr. 2-8)


Family Day ... Feb. 18 (No School)


Loonie Twoonie Sale ... Thu. Feb.14th & Fri. Feb.15th (click below)
           Loonie  Toonie Sale 2013.pdfLoonie Twoonie Sale 2013.pdf
Interviews ... Feb. 14 (pm) and 15 (am)



Pancake Tuesday ... Tuesday Feb. 12th, 2013 (click below)
Report Cards go home ... Monday Feb. 11


Skiing Day at Snow Valley ... Friday January 18th, 2013



Skating and Hot Chocolate ... Thursday January 31st, 2013