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Student Learning


University of Toronto – Physiology Day 


Congratulations to Varshini Addagada, Janet Fakuade, Mariam Khoshabeh, Banweston Manohoran, Haylee Samaroo, Arpit Sharma, Stephanie Solis, and Inthuja Yokeswaran for attending the 3rd Annual Physiology Day at the University of Toronto.  On this Day, FHC students had the unique opportunity to participate in several hands-on activities where they extracted their own DNA, measured blood pressure, and measured lung volumes.  Well Done! 

StemCellTalks Symposium 2012


Congratulations to Banweston Manoharan, Arpit Sharma and Tiffany Nguyen for participating in the 3rd Annual StemCellTalks Symposium that took place in the MaRS Collaboration Centre at the University of Toronto on March 9, 2012.

 University of Toronto Trip


On November 21, 2011 AP students participated in a campus tour of the University of Toronto (downtown).  The trip proved to be an excellent learning experience.  Thank you to all students for representing FHC extremely well!

Mount Sinai Hospital visits FHC


On November 17, 2011 AP Biology students had the unique opportunity to have a Mount Sinai Hospital lab researcher come and conduct several hands-on activities with them including gel electrophoresis.  Well done FHC students! 

Ontario Science Centre Trip 


On November 8th, AP students got the unique opportunity to participate in a DNA “Fingerprinting” hands-on workshop at the Ontario Science Centre.  In this workshop, students extracted DNA from their hair follicles and amplified it using the polymerase chain reaction.  They also separated the resulting DNA fragments using gel electrophoresis.  This workshop proved to be an excellent learning opportunity for all AP students.

York University Trip


On October 26th, 2011, grade 12 AP biology students had the opportunity to participate in this year’s          Gairdner Foundation Lectures that took place at York University.  Students had the once in the lifetime opportunity to listen to the current research of two world renown scientists.   In addition, students got to meet both scientists.  On this day, AP students also participated in a York University campus tour.  Thank you to all students for representing FHC so well! 

Shad Valley visits FHC


Congratulations to Aleen Margossian, Alyanna Pumento, and Adama George for participating in this year’s Women’s Health Research Conference entitled The Spirit of Discovery in Women’s Health Research: Leading a new century of innovation at Women’s College Hospital.  Well done Carr Students! 



On March 11, 2011 six grade 12 AP Biology students participated in the 2nd Annual StemCellTalks Symposium that took place in the MaRS Collaboration Centre at the University of Toronto.  Congratulations to all students for representing Father Henry Carr extremely well!



On March 2, 2011, grade 11 Biology students had the unique opportunity to visit the Royal Ontario Museum.  Students were able to peruse the museum’s galleries and participate in a 90 minute Evolution lab with a museum teacher.  The lab proved to be an excellent learning opportunity as students got to apply their critical learning skills to answer thought-provoking questions.  Well done Father Henry Carr students!



In January, Pre-AP Science students got the opportunity to go to the Ontario Science Centre and take part in a Space Mission to the Moon.  Students became astronauts and mission controllers for the day and worked together to navigate the spacecraft to lunar orbit and to ensure safe landing on the moon.  Excellent work  Father Henry Carr students!    



The above slideshow depicts several unique opportunities that both Pre-AP Science & AP Biology students have engaged in at Father Henry Carr during the past year.  Students participated in the StemCellTalks Symposium as well as the Student Forum on Public Policy Development for Biotechnology at the University of Toronto.  In addition, students took part in the 2010 Gairdner Foundation Lectures at York University, participated in an in-class program sponsored by the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital, and completed the DNA Fingerprinting hands-on workshop at the Ontario Science Centre.  At Carr we are committed to inspiring students in scientific research.


The above slideshow depicts Father Henry Carr AP English students collaboratively discussing different aspects of English Literature.  AP English at Carr enables students to use their critical thinking skills to analyze works and express their ideas in different forms.