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Academics and Programs

As was Father Redmond’s mandate to educate the “whole student”, we remain faithful to that legacy. We are, indeed, a school of excellence with our main foci being the “Triple A” approach to education: Academics, Arts and Athletics. As such, we offer programs to nurture and encourage all areas of student development.

Regional Arts Program (RAP)

The regional programs offered by Father John Redmond CSS & RAC empowers students by providing an opportunity to develop and explore skills in a particular area of interest. All students may apply for the programs.

The program offers an integrated approach to learning through the Arts in a Christ-centered​​​​ learning environment. Students specialize in Dance, Drama, Instrumental or Vocal Music or Visual Arts.

An audition to determine the appropriateness of this program for each students is held in January for admission to Grade 9 in the following September. A student must choose only one of the four arts majors in which to audition.​

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Congregated Advanced Placement (CAP)

Father Redmond C.S.S. & R.A.C. offers Congregated Pre-AP and AP courses beginning in grade 9, which are enriched courses that cover both the Ontario Curriculum and prepare students to write exams in Advanced Placement in their grade 11 or grade 12 year.

Advanced Placement (AP) gives highly motivated secondary students the opportunity to enrich their studies with first-year university material. Under the direction of the College Board and their AP Coordinators, students can choose from four courses and exams. The exams in each course are written by the students under the supervision of the AP Coordinator and assessed by the College Board. Students’ examination scores can lead to exemption from a first year university course. 

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Gifted Program

Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre places high value on gifted youth and highly motivated independent learners. The Redmond community provides leadership in creating and disseminating opportunities and resources for productive and critical thinking, creative problem solving, talent development and learning styles.  Gifted and highly successful students participate in the Enrichment IQ program.

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