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OSSLT / Grade 10 Literacy Test

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Dear Parents/Guardians and Students:
This year's grade 10 literacy Test (OSSLT) will take place on March 27, 2019.  Successful performance on this test is a secondary school graduation requirement in Ontario. Further information about the test can be obtained by viewing the OSSLT Parent Brochure.
As a community, we at Father John Redmond CSS and RAC believe strongly in preparing our students for this very important task by undertaking the following initiatives:
  1. Gr. 9 OCA Mock Tests (November and March)
  2. Gr. 10 MiniMock Test (October)
  3. Literacy Tuesdays - in-class preparation for tests using an OSSLT Student-Teacher Resource prepared by Redmond staff.  Sessions begin in November and continue until the date of the OSSLT.  For further information, please consult the FJR Literacy Tuesdays Calendar.
  4. After School Literacy Classes - classes are designed to specifically assist and encourage students in preparing for the OSSLT; these classes take place in Rm 337/338 after school on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday until the date of the OSSLT.
  5. Gr. 10 Mock OSSLT Test - this simulates the actual OSSLT and provides our students with a realistic test practice experience; it takes place in early February.
Parents/Guardians or students with any questions are invited to address them to Mr. L. Borbas ( and the FJR Literacy Committee or Ms.Anne Moynihan (, Vice-Principal.​​​


About the Test

The assessments are administered by the Education Quality and Accountability Office (EQAO), an independent agency of the Ministry of Education.​

The brochures below will help you understand the two EQAO assessments Ontario students
write in secondary school and how the results can
be used to evaluate and support learning.

​General Getting Ready Guide for Grade 10 Students Download PDF 
​Guide to EQAO Assessments in Secondary School
English​ | Chinese | Polish | Portuguese​ | Russian | Spanish | Tagalog | Ukranian

How to Prepare for the Test
The following test preparation materials are organized in a task-specific way.  Students can prepare for the test by familiarizing themselves with the tasks that will be on the test.  Each section below contains tips, samples, scoring guides, and exemplars that can be used to practice for the OSSLT.
Download the 2019 OSSLT cheat sheet for top tips
Download the 2019 EQAO Tip Sheet​ to learn more about the new OSSLT format.
Download the Literacy Team Tip Sheet for helpful tips for success.
Download the EQAO classroom-tips for OSSLT.pdfEQAO classroom tips for OSSLT.pdf that is updated this year.


Reading Narrative Texts

Helpful Tips: Reading Narrative Texts 

Sample: Narrative Sample Text 

Scoring Guide: Rubrics for Narrative Open Response Questions 

Exemplar: Exemplars for Narrative Open Response Questions 

Tutorial for Reading: Reading Tutorial 


Reading Information Texts​

Helpful Tips: Reading Information Texts 

Sample: Sample Information Text 

Scoring Guide: Rubric for Open Response Question 

Exemplar: Information Text Exemplar 

Tutorial for Reading: Reading Tutorial 

Reading Graphic Texts

Helpful Tips: Reading Graphic Texts 

Sample: Reading Graphic Texts Sample 

Tutorial for Reading: Reading Tutorial 

Writing a News Report

Helpful Tips: Writing a Newspaper Report 

Sample: Sample News Report 

Scoring Guide: Rubrics for News Report 

Exemplar: Exemplars for News Report​ 

**New Checklist​ for writing a News Report 

Writing an Opinion Piece

Helpful Tips: Writing an Opinion Piece 

Sample: Sample Opinion Piece 

Scoring Guide: Rubrics for Opinion Piece 

Exemplar: Exemplars for Opinion Piece​ 

**New Checklist​ for writing an Opinion Piece​ 

Completing Short Writing Tasks

Helpful Tips: Short Writing Tasks 


Sample: Sample Short Writing Task 


Scoring Guide: Rubrics for Short Writing Task 


Exemplar: Exemplars for Short Writing Task ​ 


​Looking for more? Visit the EQAO website for more OSSLT resources​​ 

More downloadable documents: