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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Library Club 2013-2014
Moderator: Mr. L. Borbas

The Father John Redmond Library Committee consists of volunteer students who are responsible for the maintenance of the library. These volunteers receive “Volunteer Hours” for assisting the staff in such areas as collection development and renewal, AJV storage and use, cataloguing, supervision and the purchasing of new materials.


Math Club 2013-2014

Moderator: Mrs. C. Temple

Redmond Math Students participate in several math contests each year. 

The Canadian Open Math Contest (November)

The Canadian National Math League
The Canadian National Math League is a monthly math test specific to all high school students with a good mathematical understanding. This contest is written by thousands of students each month from hundreds of high schools both from Canada and the United States. Participants are ranked both individually and as a school team.

Gr. 9 University of Waterloo Pascal Math Contest (February)
Gr. 10 University of Waterloo Cayley Math Contest (February)

Gr. 11 University of Waterloo Fermat Math Contest (February)
Gr. 12 University of Waterloo Euclid Math Contest (April)

Peer Ministry 2013-2014
Moderator: Mr. R. Richard and Ms. R. Rusac
Redmond Chaplaincy Initiatives
* We Learn
In addition to the regular Religion Programs, every student goes on retreat each year.
Retreats for 2013-2014:
Grade 9: Muskoka Woods. Toward the beginning of the school year Grade 9’s get to know each other through fun activities, team building and prayer during this 3-day retreat.
Grade 10: St. Jude’s Academy. Grade 10’s join mentally challenged students from the Academy in Arts activities, then praise God together with a Christian Rock band.
Grade 11: 3 Houses of Worship. Grade 11’s visit houses of worship of three other Religions to experience first-hand some faiths they study about in the Grade 11 World Religions program.
Grade 12: L’Arche Community. Grade 12’s learn more about themselves and their friends as they reflect, pray and create together with clients from the L’Arche Community founded by Jean Vanier.

* We Pray
Masses: There are four masses for the entire school community (beginning of year, Advent, Lent or Easter, end of year). There are also bi-weekly masses for scheduled classes.
Reconciliation: Before Christmas and Easter several priests visit the school for the day and students are welcomed to go to confession.
Morning Prayer: Students and teachers lead morning prayer daily over the PA so we can come closer to the Lord, read from the Word, and intercede for each other. On Mondays we reflect on the previous Sunday Gospel. On Fridays we hear an inspirational song of faith.
After School Prayer: Everyone is welcome to the chapel on Tuesdays after school to pray together in the presence of the Blessed Sacrament.

* We Serve
Peer Ministry: A group of students and teachers committed to being a presence of Jesus in the school through prayer, retreats, faith in action.

Monthly Initiatives: We focus on a monthly charitable work project for the local or global community.
-September: Begin Sandwich Patrol (sandwiches personally distributed weekly to Toronto homeless)
Begin ‘1 Step @ a Time’ (clothing drive for the needy and sewing club to transform older
clothes into handbags for charity fundraising)
-October: Walkathon (fundraising for school technological needs) + Candy drive (for Dr. Simone)
-November: “Vow of Silence” (‘Me to We’ -raise awareness for voiceless victims of poverty/ war)
-December: Christmas Baskets (‘Key Club’ -prepare about 40 baskets for local needy)
-January: “Put a Smile on a Child’s Face” (Shoe boxes with school supplies for poor children overseas)
-February: “Toonie for Teddies” (‘Key Club’- fundraiser for mattresses, pillows, blankets for the poor)
-March: “Redmond’s Got Talent” (Me to We fundraiser for a “Free the Children” initiative)
-April: “Think Fast” (Peer Ministry / Share Life fundraising initiative for Development and Peace)
-May: TBA (Leadership Students)
-June: “Pennies for the Poor” (Fundraiser for Dr. Simone)

Diocesan/Board/Community Events:
- Confirmation leadership for neighbouring schools
- Right to Life Campaign
- When Faith Meets Pedagogy Youth Forum
- and many others…

Year Book 2013-2014
Moderator: Mr. S. Sisco
Yearbook club students work with Mr. Wenzl to produce award-winning yearbooks. Students document the many events throughout the year and using some of the latest graphics software, design a book that contains numerous images and stories of the year’s events. Previous cover designs have won Awards of Merit in the Toronto Sun Yearbook competition.

Science Club 2013 - 2014
Moderator: Ms. M. Hart-Cosgrove
The Redmond Science Club meets every Tuesday and Wednesday after school. Students are able to receive extra help from a Science Teacher. Students also take part in the following contest:
CAP Physics Contest - Grade 11 and 12 students
University of Toronto Biology Contest - Grade 12 Biology students
OAFT Contest - Grade 11 students
Sir Issac Newton Physics Contest - Grade 12 Physics students
Chem 13 New Contest - Grade 12 Chemistry students
Science Olympics - a team of 10 senior science students travel to York University to compete in 6 events.
Avogadro Chemistry Contest - Grade 11 students.

Art Club 2013 - 2014
Moderator: Ms. S. Karman 
Art thrives at Redmond, with students creating posters, murals, banners, displays and more. The Art Club allows students to experience a wide range of media and techniques. Many talented and enthusiastic Redmond students get involved, have fun and make Redmond an aesthetically pleasing school, admired by many.
Leadership - "Redmond Rocks" 2013-2014
Moderator: Ms. A. De Ciantis 
Ever wonder how all these exciting events like the Dances and Retreats all get started at Redmond? Well, all these events are thanks to your LEADERSHIP CREW!! They are made up of the finest grades 10s-12s that are devoted to making your high school experience the best four years of your life. These committed and dedicated students have been rolling out of bed 3 times a week to meet at 7am to plan out and create exciting school memories that will last you a life time.
The Leadership Crew is always planning new events. To keep everyone informed here is a list of just a couple events that you might be looking forward to.
• Walk-A-Thon & BBQ: students raising money for students
• Semi-Formal: grades 10-12 adorned in elegance for a banquet and dance
• Candy Cane-O-Grams: sending warm greetings through cold weather
• Huddle up Argos: football’s finest talk to you about what you can do for others
• Valentine’s Day Dance: cupid’s night of glamour

These are a few of the many events brought to you by your astounding Leadership Crew. They are always thinking of new and innovative ways to do the impossible; make sure you have fun at school and look back on these years and remember these events.

Your Leadership Crew thrives on enthusiasm, so any suggestions and comments are appreciated. They would also like to extend a well deserved thanks to the teacher moderators of the crew for all their hard work and dedication.
FJR writes 2013-2014
Thursday evening, March 4, 2010 fifteen students from "FJR WRITES," the school's creative writing group, read their poetry and fiction to a very warm and lively audience at the Assembly Hall. These students have worked very hard all year within the writing group, and they've also had the good fortune of working with several internationally renowned writers in after-school workshops. Now, amazingly, these students can call themselves published and paid writers, as each of the creative pieces read on Thursday night is also published in a student anthology through the literary "Diaspora Dialogues" literary journal.
It should be noted that the professional writers who mentored our students gave glowing reviews to the audience, saying that Father John Redmond's creative writers are some of the best they've seen in any high school over the years, and definitely among the best of any highschool writers in Toronto right now.
To the following students - Maggie O'Neill, Ashley Arguelles, Isaac Hicks, Kasia Hurtado, Darcy Moore, Yuliyana Sawczak, Kyara Tetreault, Tyra Sequeira, Dante Motillo, Jamie Redford, Mercedes Killeen, Nina Clapperton, and Jamie Lewis - we thank you for your hard work, dedication, and creativity. Congratulations to you and to all the "FJR Writes" creative writing students.

Key Club 2013-2014
Moderator: Ms. S. Longo-Santia
Congratulations go out to the Father John Redmond Key Club who walked away with an armful of awards again this Spring at the yearly Eastern Canada District Convention which was held in Niagara Falls this past weekend. The Key Club is a Kiwanis –sponsored community service club which has as its mandate to help children around the world, raise awareness of global issues and make a difference in our own community.
Our Key Club placed FIRST in the 3 following categories:
1 .CLUB MEMBERSHIP (90 students)
2.SINGLE SERVICE PROJECTS (Christmas Baskets, Valentine’s Day Sale of Toonie Teddies for Haiti and Sleeping Children Around the World, ,the Dorothy Lei Hospice Walk to name a few)
3 .MAJOR EMPHASIS PROJECT-LIVE TO LEARN for the club’s eco-friendly outreach seminars in our elementary schools
And a THIRD place standing in the SCRAPBOOK category.
Special Congrats to Ashley Arguelles who placed first in both the oratory and essay writing categories. Again, another wonderful year of service and community-building by our Key Club!!!
 key club international
key club
DEBATE CLUB - Student leader: Radu Ionescu
Moderators: A. Grieco, J. Wilkinson, D. Paradis, I. Mercuri
BLACK HISTORY COMMITTEE - Student leader: Crystal Paul
Moderator: I. Mercuri
Enrichment Intellectual Quest - Moderator: I. Mercuri
Duke of Edinburgh Youth Award Challenge - Moderator: I. Mercuri
Model United Nations- Moderators: J. Wilkinson, D. Tuohy,
Father John Redmond Catholic Secondary School and Regional Arts Centre places high value on gifted youth and highly motivated independent learners. The Redmond community provides leadership in creating and disseminating opportunities and resources for productive and critical thinking, creative problem solving, talent development and learning styles. Gifted and highly successful students participate in the Enrichment IQ program. “….limited only by your imagination…”
The Enrichment IQ program is a non-credit program for gifted students. Students who have met with superior success and have demonstrated exceptional leadership in school activities, but have not been formally identified as gifted are also eligible to participate. All Enrichment IQ students will be provided with the opportunities to participate in individual development, conferences, workshops, enriched courses of study, competitions, clubs and teams. The degree of participation is individualized to meet the individual student’s needs and interests. Monthly meetings and newsletter along with individual conferences enrich the individual student’s high school experience, assisting them in making wiser choices and decisions for their future.
“Success is a journey, not a destination…”
The Louise Russo Youth Awards
The Louise Russo Youth Awards recognize youth that exemplify the 3R’s – Respect, Responsibility and the Role of Leadership through initiatives that reduce violence in their communities. Open to youth between the ages of 9 to 21 enrolled in School, a Canadian citizen or landed immigrant. Visit for more info, application etc. or visit Room 132.
This Canadian Organization is dedicated to the development of leadership potential in grade 10 high school students. Redmond has sent a student every year for the past 15 years. DON’T MISS OUT!
Apply now!
* No cost
* May 22 to 24
* Phenomenal session of interaction between COLS ambassadors, business and community leaders
* U. of T. Mississauga
* In 75 to 100 words answer the following question and submit it to Mrs. Mercuri in room 132
“What does leadership mean to you?”
* Visit for more details
The Toronto Real Estate Board’s third annual Past President’s Scholarship is offering two young people $5000 each for the nest school year at a post secondary institution of their choice. To qualify students must submit a 500 word essay. Deadline for submission is April 17, 2009. Visit Room 132 for essay topics. Full details at
Our City, Our Story is an arts project designed to engage city’s youth. The competition is open to any student 13 to 22 years old who attends the workshops. Contest closes at midnight on Dec. 15, 2010. Participating artists will submit nine photographs that tell a story. Contact Susan Nagy at Lakeshore Arts if interested:
Free! Saturday, March 7th. Photo Transfer workshop also. For youth ages 14 – 18, hosted by Lakeshore Arts. All work will be featured in an exhibition at Lakeshore Arts. To register, contact Melissa at .
Only for selected schools such as Redmond. A $500 bursary and recognition is given to students who demonstrate commitment to their academic studies, extra-curricular activities, and their contribution to the community. Students must be in grade 11 or 12, have passing grades and will return to school next year.
Submit applications to Mrs. Mercuri by March 30th. Visit for more info or Room 132, the Enrichment Centre.
For students involved in leadersip, anti-racism or diversity activities in the community, you can be awarded with a $4000 scholarship towards your post-secondary education. Get your application at OR . Applications are due Tuesday, March 31st, 2009.
Edvantage Press offers you AP Exam Review in an online interactive AP exam prep program. Visit the Enrichment Centre for more info or for a demonstration video. AP Online Exam review is available for purchase at .
Cross-Canada Essay Contest - 2009
Deadline of May 7, 2009. Cash prizes up to $200 presented by the Hong Kong Veterans’ Commenorative Association. More info available at or the Enrichment Centre.
March Break Open House takes place on March 19 and 20, 2009. Experience all that the Faculty of Arts & Science has to offer. *Program Fair *College Tour, including residences *General campus tour on foot or by trolley bus and much more. Pick up an invitation with more details in the Enrichment Centre.
Prepared speech competes at Father Henry Carr on April 1st, 2009.
Photography and 2-D animation competes at the Ontario Art College of design on March 28th, 2009.
UNIVERSITY OF GUELPH High School Conference
WHEN? Thursday, April 23rd or Friday, April 24thFOR? University bound grade 10 and 11 studentsWHAT? University living and learning through informative and interactive sessions led by faculty and staffTOPICS? From Nanoscience and Nanotechnology to Family Secret and the History Detective
LUNCH INCLUDED$25. + transportation extra.
APRIL 18 TO 24, 2009
Visit for tickets and details.
For the Journey of Discovery Elementary Gifted Conference… Develop your leadership skills, gain volunteer hours and share your skills and talents.
This event takes place on April 11th, 2009. Deadline for applications is March 20th. Events cover Speech in Mandarin, Stage Performance, Chinese Songs, Music, Dancing, Opera, Acrobatic, Instrument, Calligraphy, Drawing, Paper cutting, Kung Fu, etc. Application available at the Enrichment Centre.
Available from the Angel Foundation for Learning…. Music Bursary, Deaf & Hard of Hearing Bursary, Spirit of Inclusion Bursary, Visual Arts Bursary, Tom Leon Student Bursary.
Visit Angel Foundation for Learning for more details. Applications available in the Enrichment Centre.
**(Enrichment Opportunities)
The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Young Canadian’s Challenge
This award programme is about challenge. Students set a personal goal and strive to achieve it. It is an exciting self-development programme available to all young people, equipping them with the life skills to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others. Self-motivation is fundamental. It is based on individual improvement and allows for individual choices and interests to be pursued.
Three levels of “AWARDS” are achievable– Bronze, Silver and Gold. Young adults aged 14 to 25 may participate.
Four areas of participation are required.
Service Expeditions Skills Physical Recreation
Visit for more details and information. Register in room 132.
This annual program provides gifted and highly motivated secondary students with the opportunity to study a subject of interest at an advanced level for one week. Participants are provided with a challenging alternative learning experience at one of Canada’s leading post-secondary institutions.
• Daily classes begin at 9 A.M. and end at 3 P.M., with a one-hour lunch break
• Course formats involve interactive lecture and discussions, and may also include lab work, field trips, film screenings and research
• Course instructors are Queen’s University faculty, graduate students or professionals from the community
• Chaperoned and supervised by TCDSB Gifted Facilitators
Registration begins in February. Further details available in Room 132.
Visit for further information and course descriptions.MODEL UNITED NATIONS ASSEMBLIES
Model UN Assemblies are a simulation of the United Nations. Each Assembly catapults students into the world of diplomacy and negotiation. Yearly, Assemblies are attended by hundreds of high school students. Delegations are composed of 2 to 4 students per nation. An interest in public affairs and public speaking is very helpful. Student delegates draft resolutions, plot strategy, negotiate with supporters and adversaries, resolve conflicts and navigate the UN’s rules of procedure – all in the interest of resolving problems that affect almost every country in the world.
Develop your research, debating and public speaking skills while interacting with like-minded peers.
Here are some Model UN’s available to Redmond students:
Encounters with Canada offers 12 different one-week themes at the Terry Fox Canadian Youth Centre in Ottawa. The first part of the week features a guided tour of Canadian Institutions. The second part of the week focuses on the sub-theme of your choice:
Arts and Culture
Business and Entrepreneurship
Canada Remembers
Ecology & Environment
International Affairs
Journalism and Communications
Medicine & Health
Politics in Canada
Royal Canadian Mounted Police
Science and Technology
Sports and Fitness
Explore for more information. Register with the Enrichment/Gifted Facilitator, Mrs. Mercuri.
DI is a creative problem-solving challenge which provides students opportunities to expand on the skills and knowledge they have already learned, in a non-traditional format. Team members explore and discover unlimited creative potential through teamwork, cooperation and mutual respect. Competitions are at the regional level, and if successful, at the Global Finals in the U.S. Teams compete at the end of March, and should begin as early as possible in the school year. Register with the FJR Enrichment/Gifted Facilitator, Mrs. Mercuri in Room 132.
Visit the website for more information and sample challenges:
The Mentorship program is for senior high school students who show considerable academic promise and are interested in enriching their secondary school studies by assisting University of Toronto professors in their research and laboratory work. The program goal is to support and enhance exceptional abilities in high school students. Consider mentorship projects in Biochemistry, Immunology, Pathobiology, Italian Studies, Psychology, Mechanical Engineering and more.
TCDSB & U of T Gifted Conference
This annual conference organized and hosted by the TCDSB and U. of T., takes place annually in the month of February. The day begins at the historic Convocation Hall at U. of T. and continues in campus classrooms and labs. Students choose morning and afternoon sessions of particular interest. Stimulating past workshops have included: The Age and Origin of Planet Earth, Teen Language in Instant Messaging: LOL, Secrets of a Good Essay and much more.
Conference details are available in Room 132. Registration begins in December.
Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Etobicoke
• Available to students as early as grade 9
• Annually in May, from Thursday to Saturday
• Applications available in the Enrichment Centre, Room 132
• Provided free of charge to students who wish to develop their leadership and entrepreneurial skills while contributing to their community
• Provides a structured youth program promoting traditional culture and lifestyles
• Takes place in remote and isolated communities of Canada
• For grade 11 students
Offered by the U. of T.
• introduces girls from grades 9 through 12 to physical science disciplines that are shaping the world we live in - from climate change to planetary science
• Participants will be exposed to the latest research taking place in the University of Toronto Departments of Geology, Geography, Physics and the Centre for Environment
• female professors lead workshops, discussions and hands-on research activities created to empower girls to excel in the physical sciences
• workshops take place on select Saturday mornings between 10 A.M. and 12:30 P.M. on the St. George (downtown) campus
• Sessions limited to 20 students each
• students admitted on a first-come, first-served basis
• no cost to participate
Offered by Ryerson University
• Several programs available
• Summer Camps for women
• One day career conferences
• High school visits
• Discover Engineering 6-week long Girls’ Club
DEEP (da Vinci Engineering Enrichment Program)
Offered by U. of Toronto
This program designed for high school students who excel in science and math has been attended by numerous Redmond students over the years. All have praised it highly.
• Summer academy for grades 9 to 12
• Girls Rock Science Club
• In-school workshops
• Saturday Science and Engineering Academy
• Applications and deadlines available on website
Offered by the U. of Toronto
• intensive, one-week summer camp for high school students
• visit website for details and application
Offered by U. of Toronto
• available to students in grades 9 to 12
• visit website for application and details
• Students in grades 10 to 12 needed to work as tutors for FJR students
• Gain volunteer hours
• Attend various opportunities for Leadership Camps
• Join various leadership committees: Empowered Student Partnerships (ESP), Impaired Driving, Me to We, Peer Ministry, Leadership Council, Redmond Ambassadors, Redmond Mentors, Journey of Discovery workshop leader
• Grade 9 Orientation Camp Counselors
• And more…. Check announcements regularly!
• Register for Math, Science, Geography, English, Business, Art, Dance, Music, Writing Contests
• Contact your subject teacher or the Head of the Department
• Visit the Enrichment Centre, Room 132 for postings
• Check announcements regularly!
At select Universities across Canada
• For senior high school students
• July summer program at a university campus
• Focus on science, technology and entrepreneurship
• Gives you a life-long competitive advantage
• Workshops through Enrichment IQ
• Goal setting and preparation
• SAT information sessions
• PSAT writing sessions, October
• Letters of reference
Explore: Scholarships Canada
Excellence Award
Millennium Scholarships
Student Awards & Financial Aid
Wendy’s Classical Achiever
National Scholarship Programme - Visit Google to see individual university listings
TD Canada Trust Scholarships
The Canadian Merit Scholarship Foundation
The Miller Thompson Scholarship Foundation



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