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Black History Month Presentation
at Francis Libermann CHS


Francis Libermann CHS was pleased to welcome Bernice Carnegie who gave an inspiring and impactful presentation about her family’s history and her father’s rise in the hockey world.
Bernice Carnegie is the daughter of the renowned hockey player Herbert Carnegie who was one of the first Black Hockey players of the 1940/50’s who, if not for his colour, would have gone on to the NHL to pursue his dreams as a professional hockey player. 
Herbert was clearly a role model, having been inducted into 13 halls of fame, received 8 medals for community service and had a school and arena named after him in the York Region School Board. 

Thank you to Ms. Choma and her class for organizing this year’s Black History Month presentation. 
For more information on Herbert Carnegie and the future ACES Program please contact Bernice directly at


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