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Toronto Catholic District School Board


Secondary School Admission Process: TCDSB Students 

In early November, Catholic Secondary School Application Forms will be sent to all TCDSB elementary schools for grade 8 students to apply for grade 9 placements within the Toronto Catholic District School Board beginning September. The completed forms are then returned by the grade 8 teachers to the Admissions & Placement Department on the specified due date in late November.


Parents are cautioned every year to make an informed choice by talking to their elementary school principal about their child's needs and attending the secondary school open house in their area.  Once the reports have been sent out to the secondary schools with the list of applicants, nothing can be changed on these reports until March 2013, by which time the secondary schools have made their initial selection and changes might not be possible due to space limitations.


 The “no sooner” date this year will be in February.  This is the very first date that any secondary school can notify students of their acceptance for grade 9 in September.  When the student receives his/her acceptance package from the secondary school, he/she is asked to complete an Option Sheet to confirm the intention to attend that school and to pick courses for grade 9. 


If the student is NOT accepted due to OVERSUBSCRIPTION from students in the area, the redirection process begins, with every student being offered an alternative placement at the closest secondary school that still has available space. 

Students who apply to a secondary school out of their area are giving up their right of acceptance to their local secondary school.  By the time they receive confirmation from their school of choice, their local secondary school might already be filled. The student would not gain automatic acceptance to their area school.


Math, Science & Technology (MST) 

MST is a program for students who enjoy and excel in the subject areas of Mathematics, Science, Technology and English who enjoy the challenge of working an enriched classroom environment with other like-minded students.  Students who successfully complete the requirements of the MST Program from grades 9-12, will be awarded the Francis Libermann C.H.S MST Program Certificate.


Students will meet Ministry of Education curriculum requirements by working on interdisciplinary projects.  The depth, not quantity of assignments distinguishes this program from the regular academic stream.

MST students move as a cohort (grades 9-11) in the following classes:


MST Grade 9:  MPM1D2, SNC1D2, TGJ102, END1D2

MST Grade10: MPM2D2, SNC2D2, ICS3U2, ENG2D2

MST Grade11: MCR3U2, SPH3U2, ICS4U2, ENG3U2


MST Grade12: Students do NOT travel as a cohort but must complete at least two credit courses in Mathematics, Science, Technology and English.


Please Note:

*MST students are expected to maintain a minimum of 70% each of the MST courses.  Failure to achieve 70% may result in withdrawal from the MST program.

*NON-MST students cannot take MST course offerings.

*MST students must take ALL MST courses or they will be withdrawn from the MST program.

*Once students withdraw from the MST program, they are no longer eligible for MST courses and/or the Francis Libermann C.H.S MST Program Certificate and must complete OSSD graduation requirements.


Secondary School Admission Process:

Non-TCDSB Students 

The following steps are to be taken for a child applying for a TCDSB secondary school (ages 14 to 18 from a NON-TCDSB school):

• All students applying for a secondary school are put on a waiting list. Catholic foreign students will be placed on a priority #5 waiting list; non-Catholic foreign students will be placed on a priority #7 waiting list.
• The applications are available through the Admissions & Placement Department, of the Toronto Catholic District School Board at 80 Sheppard Avenue East, Toronto, Ontario, Canada.   When application is made, the following documents must be attached: if applying as a Catholic applicant, a copy of the student's Catholic baptismal certificate (translated into English if necessary), and proof of Toronto residency for the family the student will be living with if accepted. An example of this is a telephone bill for the family, a hydro bill, ownership/lease for the family home, etc.
• When, and if, the student is accepted, the foreign student fee is payable. The foreign student fee for a secondary school in the 2012-2013 school year is $12,500.00. An acceptance letter will then be issued by the Admissions & Placement Department in order for the student to apply for a Study Permit, which must be presented prior to the first day of school. If the student is denied this Study Permit, all monies will be refunded.
If you would like to proceed with an application and need further clarification, please E-mail to