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   Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math 2018-19

STEAM @ Libermann is a prestigious program for students in the Academic/University stream who enjoy and excel in the Mathematics, Science, Technology and English and 21st Century fluencies.

STEAM courses are grounded in a rigorous-based curriculum and incorporates unique opportunities for enrichment and differentiated instruction.  Students travel as a cohort in Grades 9, 10 and 11 in the core STEAM courses and work collaboratively on many school-based assignments and community-based activities.​

Students who successfully complete the requirements of the STEAM Program from grades 9-12, will be awarded the Francis Libermann C.H.S - STEAM  Program Certificate and Medal at the Graduation Ceremony.

STEAM students move as a cohort (grades 9-11) in the following classes:

  • STEAM Grade 9:  MPM1D2, SNC1D2, TGJ102, ENG1D2
  • STEAM Grade10: MPM2D2, SNC2D2, ICS3U2, ENG2D2
  • STEAM Grade11: MCR3U2, (SBI3U2 or SCH3U2 or SPH3U2),  (TGJ3M2 or ICS4U2), ENG3U2
  • ​STEAM Grade12: Students do NOT travel as a cohort but must complete at least two credit courses in Mathematics, Science, Technology and English.
Please Note:
*STEAM students are expected to maintain a minimum of 70% on each of the STEM courses.  Failure to achieve 70% may result in withdrawal from the STEM program. STEAM students must take ALL STEM courses or they will be withdrawn from the STEAM program.

*Once students withdraw from the STEAM program, they are no longer eligible for STEM courses and/or the Francis Libermann C.H.S STEM Program Certificate and must complete OSSD graduation requirements.
STEAM & FIT Certificates (Graduation)
Students who successfully complete all four years (14 credits) in the STEAM program will receive a STEAM CERTIFICATE and STEAM Medal at Graduation Ceremony.  Most STEAM students who have taken grade 11 and 12 Computer Science receive FIT certificates in Software Design and Development through the Information and Communications Technology Council of Canada.


The application process is now online using SOAR (Student Online Application for Registration) through our TCDSB website. As part of the online application, students will require the following: 


  • Student Questionnaire due November 2019 (TBD). 
  • Grade 7 Report Card (February & June 2019 Term Reports.
  • Elementary School Referral.
  • Grade 6 EQAO and grade 7 CAT4 standardized test results.
  • STEAM Entrance Exam mid-November (TBD) - based on grade 7 Science, Math, English Curriculum.

The online application will be similiar to our old paper application: STEAM_Application_Form_FINAL_2018_09_14 (3)-1.pdfSTEAM_Application_Form_FINAL_2018_09_14 (3)-1.pdf